My Christmas Angel

My Christmas Angel

My Christmas Angel

When I was a little girl, I was not permitted to cross streets. I would be allowed to go from the bakery to the end of the street. There was a special gift shop there called “Mary Deckerts”. In the 1950s, the public library was downtown and Mary Deckerts had a few shelves of the latest novels to be loaned out for a week(for a nickel no less!). My mother would send me there with the book to be returned plus she had already phoned Mary Deckert to inquire about the newest one.
While there, I had been well taught not to touch anything and it was a magical place for me to wander through…knick-knacks, jewelry, hankerchiefs, all special things for a little girl’s delight. I remember my older brother taking me up there for my mother’s Christmas gift one year…an extremely gaudy and large rhinestone bracelet…I still have it and still love it!
Mary Deckert would allow layaway on her items and my very first layaway was the angel at the top of this posting. She is carved of wood and has a music box with which she rotates while she plays Silent Night. It took me forever to pay this off with my allowance…I do believe that is one reason why I love it so much.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas(Glaedlige Jul!).
til next time…Eva

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