Self Improvement aka Resolutions?

   Every New Year for as long as I can remember, I would sit and write down all of my resolutions on New Years’ Eve so that I would be up and running for New Year’s Day.  Last year, I started the Early To Rise Transformation Contest instead in all of the categories…Healthy, Wealthy and Wise categories.  The theory is that it takes 21 days to form a habit. 

   With the contest, you took pictures of your before self(Healthy), your financial statement(Wealthy) and Wise could be anything…mine was de cluttering…so a picture of the mess.  You also answered questions of what you wanted to accomplish in the 90 days, and were required to post daily of your accomplishments.  It was informative to read about what others were doing and accomplishing plus we were helping each other out when we were losing momentum.  I am not going to say that I accomplished everything I had originally set out to do because I realized early in the game that I had put too much on my plate.  But, I did accomplish more than I ever dreamt possible plus met some incredible people…some are now Facebook friends and I also have 2 that we email regularly and I honestly call them friends at this point…

   Thus, the New Year approaches once again…and I have this inner guidance system that is telling me I need to “improve” myself once again…and what am I going to do this year?  The de cluttering still beckons, the unfinished projects still beckon…both need to be done this year.  I just signed up for the Transformation contest once again…but this year’s contest only deals with health…90 days of making sure I eat right, do my exercises and see what other people are doing and by the time March 30 comes around and the heavy coats and sweaters come off, I will appear and be in better physical shape than I am now…care to join me? Still time to sign up and it’s free.  I hate to do this alone 🙂

   What are you doing for your self improvement aka resolutions this year? 

   til next time…Eva

4 thoughts on “Self Improvement aka Resolutions?

  1. Instead of focusing on resolutions themselves, this year I am concerned with why I have such trouble sustaining resolutions. I am discovering that I have a lot of beliefs that stop me from succeeding. These beliefs are mostly subconscious, so they operate effectively on a silent level. My task is to become aware of these stumbling blocks and reprogram them out of my mind.Their manifestation is witnessed when I examine my unwanted behavior. Ignoring these false admonitions will lessen their power. Again my actions will be the measure. Full speed ahead and to heck with my anchors, no matter how uncomfortable change seems to be. My conscious self knows what is best for me. – Fred

    • Fred, interesting concept and the more I think of it, the more it makes sense…looks like I need to see why I have trouble sustaining resolutions as well…thanks for the comment! Eva

  2. Intent and focus are key, but definitely have to find ways to get past the unconscious / subconscious previous programming to get to a new level.
    I’m not setting myself up for the ETR challenge this time around, but I sent you the link to some $1 self-hypnosis audios if you’re interested. I’ve already got too much on my schedule, and if I do have a resolution for this year it will be to not keep overbooking myself to the point of exhaustion, because then nothing gets done well!
    However, I did just buy myself a water filter and a juicer in addition to the Vita-mixer, and I’m looking at healthier ways to streamline my schedule and accomplish everything else gradually — trying to make better health intrinsic rather than extra effort. Wishing us all smoother sailing this year!

  3. Sounds like you are going the right route! I used to have a Vita-mixer and it was a workhorse for me…I used it for so many things. Wishing you your healthiest year ever!

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