The Good News Jar

The Good News Jar

Last year I read about having a pretty glass jar and all year long when something good happened, write the good news on a small piece of paper and slip it in the jar. Well, with 2013 now over and Welcome to 2014, I will now read everything that happened that was good last year…
It’s interesting how we tend to remember the big happenings(weddings, graduations, births) and the sad happenings…but those day by day happenings that truly give joy to our lives tend to get brushed aside.
WIth the new year, why not find a lovely jar and keep small pieces of paper and a pen close by and begin to enter all of your life’s good moments.
Wishing you a New Year filled with Happy times, Phenomenal Manifestations, Perfect Health and Wonderful Relationships!
til next time…Eva

3 thoughts on “The Good News Jar

  1. I tend (or intend!) to journal more, but I think this is probably a great physical & visualization prompt for 1) actually doing it on a regular basis, 2) reliving the good stuff and the gratitude for it, and 3) having it in front of you as a constant reminder. Since I’m in the process of reorganizing and feng shui-ing the house/studio, I’m goingto put a good news jar in my primary wealth corner.

  2. glad to hear that you both like the jar idea…I emptied mine from last year’s items(put the items in an envelope with 2013 on it) and started anew.

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