Wilbur the Goldfish

Children and animals go together. My daughter adopts animals and we have had our variety of them…I’ll introduce them along the way but today I want to talk about Wilbur, the goldfish.
When my daughter was a Junior at college, she lived in a college-based townhouse with three room mates. At one point, they wanted to have a small pet, so they bought 4 small goldfish…one for each of them. One by one, they died and one was left. At the end of the year, three of the room mates were graduating and we had gone down for graduation. This particular college has Seniors Week the week after all of the underclassmen leave and actual graduation…a kind of easing in process to realize that their college life was over and a last week to be with their friends before starting their “adult” life.. Because of this situation, everyone moved out immediately after graduation ceremonies. We stayed to help them move and with the last room mate, all that was left was “Wilbur”. “What are we doing with Wilbur? Down the toilet?” I listened to this with horror and said, “Are you kidding me, no, he’s coming home with us.” The room mate then proceeded to fill a water bottle and was going to put Wilbur in that. “What are you doing?” “Putting him in the bottle.” “No, there must be something else to put him in.” We found a large vase instead and transported him in that.
Wilbur became a treasured member of our family. He was on the cabinet in the kitchen and every time anyone would be in the kitchen, he would happily swim around and splash. Loved seeing his coppery red flashing tail and if you put your finger in the water, he would come up to it and bump it.
Our little cat Beast loved Wilbur as well…she would sit and just watch Wilbur and also drink the bubbling water from his tank. Wilbur did not mind Beast at all, actually would swim leisurely while Beast drank and Beast never tried to catch Wilbur like I have seen many cats try to.
beast and wilbur

We lost our little Wilbur during the summer and I still miss seeing him when I am in the kitchen. I never would have known how much of a personality and light a little goldfish could bring.
In a contemplative mood today…til next time. Eva


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