End of the Guinea Pig Era

End of the Guinea Pig Era

My daughter has been in love with guinea pigs since First Grade. Her First Grade Teacher, Mrs. B, believed that her class needed to have a mascot pet and chose a ginger guinea pig…the children named her “Casper”. Casper would go home to the children’s homes over the weekends…we had Casper over Christmas that year and I knew it was true love for my daughter then. This will be another post altogether!
Over the years, we have loved 7 guinea pigs…the latest one died today…Piggy. She is the little black and white one in the photograph…two of her offspring are in this picture…
My daughter got Piggy in her Jr year of High School. A few weeks after we got Piggy, my daughter woke me up at 5 am..”Mom! Piggy had babies!” “That is a nice dream dear, please go back to bed.” “No, I’m NOT kidding! She had three babies!” At this point, I drowsily went into her room to see three of the most adorable little guinea pigs squealing beside their mother. We had no idea that Piggy was pregnant!
The three babies were all different…Squeegee was chocolate brown, Gizmo was red and white, and Punky was coal black with spikes. We loved them all. My daughter would take them outside every early evening in the summer months so they could eat their grass and run around in the yard.
My daughter informed me a while ago that these would be her last guinea pigs, “it hurts too much.” When I asked that when the time comes and she has children of her own and they want a guinea pig…”too bad, they aren’t getting any.” If her children will be anything like her, they will pressure and pressure until they get what they want…
So, for me at least, today was the end of the Guinea Pig era…they were all precious and had their sweet personalities…and they all had lessons for me to learn and a chunk of my heart each and every time. So long Sweet Piggy, til we meet again.
til next time…Eva

One thought on “End of the Guinea Pig Era

  1. My goodness ~~~ both the goldfish and the guinea pig exit the physical in short order! Sorry to hear the little creatures have moved on; it must feel like the end of an era for sure with your daughter flying the nest too.

    In my own past pet lives, I’ve noticed that whenever I’ve lost more than one at a time, I’m either about to move again — whether or not I know it at the time — or facing the need to take care of myself in some other way(s).

    I know they’re psychic, and that when they feel like they’ve fulfilled their purpose, they return to nonphysical, but it does sort of leave a hole in your soul that you have to make sure to fill in a healthy fashion.

    Sending you love and light,


    Date: Sat, 11 Jan 2014 03:10:26 +0000 To: swxe@hotmail.com

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