The Box

The Box

The other day when I went to do some grocery shopping at Aldi’s, I picked up a box to carry some of my groceries home.
If you have children or cats, you probably know that both of them LOVE empty boxes. It doesn’t matter how large or small the box.
No difference this time. I thought this would be the perfect box to have by our woodstove, so I put in a small blanket in the bottom and set the box on the small table closest to the woodstove and waited…
Well, ever since that box has been there, both of the cats have fought over it…when Kitty(the black one) is in it, Beast is right there swatting Kitty on the head trying to get her out. And vice versa…
Last night they both had gone to have a munch to eat before bedtime. I then watched them to see who was going to get to the box first…Beast made a detour, jumped on the sofa and walked the whole length of the sofa to get to the box first while Kitty ran on the floor. I heard a loud MEOW when Kitty realized Beast was already in the box and the swatting game began.
I knew there would be no sleep unless this was settled…box got put away til this morning.
Guess I have to pick up another box this week when I go to Aldi’s again, don’t I?
til next time…Eva


One thought on “The Box

  1. Had to laugh! As I was reading this, Mr. Snicker Whiskers started yowling back in the bedroom — when I went to check on things, hind feet and tail were hanging out from the side of the bed, while front end was busy scrambling up under the bedcovers to get warm. I always have to check for suspicious bed-lumps before I sit down to put on shoes or some such.
    Meanwhile, I have open packing boxes sprinkled around the studio and dining room/office that I have to avoid tripping over because the 3 girls like to take turns claiming them for sleeping quarters or sneak attack sites — especially coveted if they still have the cozy bubble wrap or nice, crinkly packing paper inside.

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