BOGO(Buy One, Get One)

BOGO…Buy One, Get One

I was chuckling while talking with my daughter on the phone today because she was commenting about going to get groceries and there was buy one, get one. “And I only wanted one…”

My daughter and husband don’t get the concept of “buy one, get one”. They don’t apparently have the hoarding/saving gene that I inherited…even if I don’t need the item, I will definitely get two…and give it away if I have to.
A few years ago my daughter and I were in Giants and she wanted a bag of chips. I saw with glee that the chips she normally got were buy one, get one. She looks, picks out one…note…one…bag and puts it in the cart.
“they are buy one get one…”
“But I only want one”
“When they are buy one, get one, you CAN’T just get one”
“Why can’t I”
“Because that just isn’t the way it is. If you want those chips, you need to buy two and then you will get the one free.”
“But I don’t want two. I only want one”
“Just get two so we can get out of here.”
“Yes…get a bag of something different so I can eat them.”
“Oh, why didn’t you say that in the first place?”

My husband is the same way…it was buy one, get one in ice cream a few weeks ago. He comes home with one…
“Why didn’t you get two?”
“I didn’t need two.”
“Yes, but the second one would have been free then”
“But, I didn’t need it.”
“What does “NEED” have to do with it?”
He looked at me as if I were from another planet at this point…

My advice to both of them and other people who don’t like buy one, get one…get something else that week and don’t drive your poor mother or spouse crazy!

til next time…Eva

2 thoughts on “BOGO(Buy One, Get One)

  1. Haven’t tested this with the BOGO model, since that never seems like overload to me either, but I’m amazed at how many folks haven’t gotten that when the stores advertise 10 for $10, they’ll honor the price for quantities less than 10 as well. Any number of times, I’ve overheard someone comment that they couldn’t possibly use or afford 10 of whatever. So I have to wonder how many people dutifully buy 10 of something they don’t really have room for or won’t use up before it spoils, just to satisfy the “requirement.” My guess would be often enough that it’s worth the stores’ while to keep advertising 10 for 10 as opposed to $1 each…

    • I agree…the stores around here honor less than the 10 for quantities…the BOGO model however if you only buy one, you pay your normal price…

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