A Quiet Toast

A Quiet Toash

A dear friend of mine is 93 years old. Angie still lives independently in her own home, still drives and does all of her grocery shopping and errands. I have enjoyed listening to her stories of life over the years and one that has impressed me the most is the story of her friendships.
In 1933, five young 13 year olds met in their Freshman year of High School in NYC. Over the years, they kept in close contact with each others’ lives…college years, WW2(Angie was a WAC as were two of her friends), weddings, births of their children(they were godparents for each others’ children), HS graduations, anniversaries, funerals.
Every year they would try to get together for a weekend and share their lives. Most years they lived within a three state radius. A few years ago, Angie told me “the first of us is gone”. The other four still got together. As they got older, their children would take responsibility to get them together(a few were in nursing homes or assisted living facilities).
Last year, there were only two left…Angie and Kitty. Years ago, they had all made a pact that when there was only one left, that one would open a bottle of champagne, take the pictures of all of them together and toast their incredible friendship over the years. Angie had talked with Kitty and said wouldn’t it be a good idea that the next time they got together that they drink the champagne together and toast them all? They had planned to get together in December but the weather and illness got in the way.
Today…I got a letter from Angie, “I am now the last member of my friends from our 1933 meeting in High School since my friend Kitty passed away two weeks ago.”
She has picked this weekend to toast her friends, alone with her memories and love of them all. What an amazing woman and an amazing life. I plan to toast them all as well and to my amazing friendships…may we all have the joy of having had a lifetime of amazing friendships.
To Friends ❤
til next time…Eva


3 thoughts on “A Quiet Toast

  1. This post bought me tears. Big tears which filled up to the rims of my eyes and made me sit back and think of all these fabulous ladies who loved each other unconditionally.

    I wish the world were a nicer place. One where you could publish an address for all us crafters and card makers out in the world could all pull together a wonderful event of suprises. Where we could make a card, or sew a little something, knit or crochet a flower… anything. Something small but lovely, and send it to the remaining friend.

    May God bless and keep her in the palm of His hand. I send to her my love. ~ Cobs. x

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