A Different Way to Read a Novel…


Recently I had a large order to make of my paper roses…and needed 120 roses. This required a LOT of circles of book paper(in terms of novels…it took 3 novels’ worth!). When you make as many paper roses as I do, you gradually learn about the nuances of paper…the thickness, the crumple-ability and the color. I was having a tough time finding the right shade and thickness…did eventually find three books but the paper color was slightly different…which meant that I couldn’t mix the flowers together into one bouquet.

So, here I am, with fifty bazillion 4 inch diameter circles of book paper. And mind you, I had a time crunch with this order as well. In one week I made all of the roses I needed and I must say, I also “read” three novels as well. A different way to read a novel…don’t try this at home if you seriously want to know what the novel is really about!

Here I am with all these 4 inch in diameter circles of three separate books…one was a novel entitled “Lisbon”, one was a book about traveling in Italy, and one was about the history of earth religions. Each circle was taken from approximately the center of the books. As I cut them, crumple them, and eventually hot glue them together, my eyes glance at the circle I am presently holding and absorbing names and events. Talk about a puzzle…the novel was all mixed up and I will say by the time I had gotten all of those circles used up, I did have the gist of the novel and knew all of the characters and also knew that I wished I had read the book before I cut it up!

All of the roses are done, made into bouquets and have been shipped to their new owner…large order for college 011a

til next time…Eva


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