Paper Towels


You’re probably wondering why I’d write a post on paper towels…

My husband loves paper towels. I couldn’t understand how a whole roll of paper towels could disappear in one day. I’d leave for work knowing there was a full roll and coming home to the empty cardboard. This didn’t happen every day but often enough.

I didn’t have to go to work til later one day this past week and was working on a project of my own. I finally found out what happens to a full roll of paper towels. My husband cleans the floor with it! He takes my squirt bottle of Mr. Clean(that was something else I always seem to get low on!), squirts the floor, takes a wad – a BIG wad – of paper towels, throws it on the floor and proceeds to move it around with his shoe. When that is dirty, he starts the procedure all over again. Never mind that I have a Swiffer right there…

After a while, he’s satisfied with the floor – half a bottle of Mr. Clean and a whole roll of paper towels later. He’s proud of himself – he’s “done the housework” and then goes off for the day.

When we were first married, I probably would have asked him(well, loudly asked him) what was he doing?! Now – well, tomorrow’s our 24th anniversary and I’ve learned over the years what to address and what to leave alone. Yes, he cleaned the floor a bit unconventionally(and it’s quite funny to watch it being done this way). Yes, it’s a waste of paper towels and Mr. Clean – but – he felt proud of himself that he cleaned the floor and it was nice not having to be the one to do it.

And, that’s why I buy paper towels when they’re 8 rolls for $5.98 or cheaper!

til next time…Eva

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