Sugar…how sweet it is…or is it?


Sugar…how sweet it is…or is it?

Having been a baker’s kid, I grew up on baked goods…mostly the breads but the sweets as well. Like many of us, I never thought sugar was “that bad” especially compared to the various artificial sweeteners.

Until now…

I have been doing some research on sugar(refined) and found out that the average person eats 150 pounds of sugar a year.(USDA). A teaspoon of sugar contains 4 grams of sugar. When I started reading the labels and realizing how much sugar was in the food I was eating, I determined that the time was going to be now that I change my ways.

I love gummies…peach rings have been my favorite. About two months ago I had bought a container of peach rings(a pound’s worth) and one night had been on the computer and not knowingly had eaten them all. My throat started to hurt(and continued to hurt for several days) and I got a sugar buzz. I knew then that maybe that was my wake-up call to stop sugar. I had given up drinking soda before that time but was still having the teaspoon of sugar in my tea(and I had several a day), chocolate milk, pancake syrup on my waffles, and various baked goods with massive sugar content.

Two weeks ago I decided that now was the time to go cold turkey with the sugar…no more sugar in my tea, none of the baked goods, no candy, checking out all labels and being very diligent.

When you give up sugar, you are bound to get some withdrawal symptoms…irritability, trouble sleeping, weariness, cravings, headaches, anxiety, flu like symptoms and others. I had severe headaches plus I had this clicking noise in my left ear, high pitched. (I already have tinnitus and was afraid that that clicking noise was a new addition that would stay..but it left after 2 days…thank goodness!)
Reports show that side effects can take up to three weeks.

When you give up sugar, it is recommended that you drink a lot of water to flush the sugar out. Also, to have other foods handy for when you get a craving and can eat the new food instead. I decided I was not going to try any artificial sweeteners or honey at the moment so that my palate could get used to what real foods taste like without any added sweetening.

Am two weeks in…no sugar in my tea, no baked goods except plain bread and not often with that. I have oatmeal and learned that if I put apple cider in it instead of the water when I make it and add some cinnamon and vanilla, it’s really delicious. I went through all my cupboards and threw out the pancake syrup and all foods with high fructose corn syrup as the sweetening ingredient. Ketchup and many condiments contain heavy sugar or high fructose corn syrup. I have very few condiments left in the fridge!

2 weeks in and I notice a clarity today…my brain fog is gone and I didn’t even know I had it. Yesterday I inadvertently got myself a chocolate milk when I went grocery shopping…it has been my “treat” for quite a while now when I drive home after buying the groceries. I love my chocolate milk…until now. Yesterday I opened it and was anticipating my first sip as I always do…and I actually coughed. Took another one and all I could taste was SUGAR…it was dreadful. I didn’t even finish it…and that is unheard of for me!

I was reading that once you have been off sugar for a while, when you go into a strange grocery store you will actually be able to smell what areas of the store contain sugary products…

Benefits from weaning off sugar? Excess weight, diabetes, damage to various organs in our bodies, tooth decay…for me, it’s time and I look forward to the positives…will keep you posted. at the present time, this clarity I am experiencing is delightful…
til next time…Eva


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