“Aunt” Frances

My friend’s Aunt Frances is going to be celebrating her 100th birthday this week. An amazing woman…she still lives alone in a trailer home with her cat, still plays the organ for her church, sings in the local Community Chorus, crochets, does intricate counted cross stitch, does word puzzles and reads a steady diet
of Harlequin romances!

She gave up her car a few years ago…not that she wanted to but her children felt uncomfortable with her driving. She has family and friends nearby who will take her where and when she needs to go somewhere.

She was born in 1914. The eldest of 5 children. Their mother died young and their father sent them to the Children’s Home until he could bring them back(this was during the Depression). She has told me fond stories of the Children’s Home she and her sisters were in(they were in houses with a group of children and a house parents, trying to keep the family unit idea as much as possible). Her two brothers were in a different one. They learned job skills and the boys both worked for farmers.

Eventually they all came back home and finished school. She eventually married and had 3 children of her own. Her husband became ill with emphysema due to stone dust from working in a quarry. She went to work in a sewing factory and eventually became the head of the department. Her husband died and she still had two children at home.

She lived at the farm until 20 years ago and moved into the trailer community. Did some traveling because all three children were in the military at one point…Japan as well as various parts of the US.

All of her siblings are gone and many of her friends.

What I have learned from “Aunt” Frances is that she never complains, always sees the goodness in other people, finds pleasure in small things, speaks up for herself, keeps her mind active, does not dwell in the past and if she is thinking about the past, it’s the good parts. She does not watch much television, keeps her mind active doing other things…and reading her romances…

Happy 100th Birthday “Aunt” Frances! You are an inspiration to us all!



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