Easter Chicks


I went into my local Mennonite farm market today and at the checkout was the flyer above…Easter chicks for sale…two for $6. I don’t know about you, but I thought that was something in the past…
I can remember as a kid going into the 5 and 10 cent store around Easter time…there would be a big area filled with little chicks peeping…and the little chicks were in all colors. People would buy a chick or two for their children to put in the Easter basket and in most cases, the chicks didn’t live long. When I was looking for a photograph to put in this post, I was appalled to see that they are STILL doing this…

colored easter chicks

I went online and found on EHow actually how to inject food color into the eggs of the unhatched chicks and once hatched, the chick will be that color…and that duck and goose chicks can be dyed that way as well. Apparently, as the chick grows the color fades and when they grow their adult feathers, they will be normal once again.

When will we start to treat animals the way they should be treated and not as disposable playthings?
There are so many realistic looking toy rabbits and chicks…buy your child one of them and leave the live animals alone…
til next time…Eva

2 thoughts on “Easter Chicks

  1. That is sad. I can see buying normal healthy chicks now if you’re planning on raising them humanely anyway and teaching the kids about that. I used to keep a few Araucanas and loved the colored eggs and the chickens, but even the roosters ended up becoming family members, and they had an adobe chicken house with an enclosed run all the way around the garden. Chickens are not really low maintenance!

  2. Yes Jennifer…I agree with you…I used to have a ducks and they had their own little house and a large kiddie pool…definitely not low maintenance.

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