Big Brothers are Special!

jan 005a

Today is my “big” brother’s birthday! It cannot have been easy to have been an only child for 11 years and then to have a baby sister arrive. I was looking at some old family pictures today and many memories flooded back about my brother.

a. My brother has an amazing “announcer” voice and used to work at the local radio station while in High School. They had made a recording of the Gettysburg Address with my brother reading the address. When my brother went away to college, I used to play that record over and over again every time I missed him.

b. My brother is quite tall and when we would go on long trips(or the dreaded Sunday afternoon mandatory Sunday drive), I remember standing up in the center bump in the back floor(there were no seat belts then or anything even remotely like that). My brother would take over the whole back seat with his legs sometimes sticking out the window. I would be combing and recombing my poor mother’s hair…no wonder the pictures of her always showed her with helter skelter hair!

c. On one occasion, I don’t remember whether it was for our mother’s birthday, mothers’ day or Christmas…my brother and I walked up to Mary Deckert’s Gift Shop and I remember picking out “the most beautiful” bracelet made of huge rhinestones. I don’t remember if he tried to talk me out of it or not, but we did walk out with that bracelet. I still have it and love it still…

d. My brother’s room was “off limits”(yeah, right). I remember being chased out of there many times. I would try on his beautiful Indian Headdress from his Boy Scout days…white and black feather. Definitely off limits…
if someone came into his room, I remember I would stand still and close my eyes(that way you couldn’t see me…). There is actually a picture of me somewhere with that headdress on and my eyes closed.

e. One time I was quite sick- I don’t remember if it was Christmas or birthday…but that was the year I got three dolls from him…Lulu, Tubby and Alvin. That was an occasion to remember!

f. Being baker’s kids, we both had our jobs…one of his was being the delivery person on Saturday. Sometimes he would have to take me along…I always loved going along. I remember one time he was delivering a sheet cake and tripped over the owner’s dog…and bringing home the remainder of the cake…having to wake Dad up from his rest and Dad having to quickly make up a new one!

g. My brother had a crew cut in his High School years and I remember watching him carefully comb his hair straight up.

h. Our mother had a sit down iron contraption called a Mangle. I could never figure out why our mother would have or need something so large for just the four of us. But anyway, back then my brother wore chinos and crisply starched shirts…my brother’s trousers would have this crisp crease down the front and the back due to the Mangle…he became sort of a trend setter in High School thanks to these trousers.

By the time I was 11, he was already married and out of the house and his two children came soon after…so about the time age wise that I had come into his life, his children came into mine.

My “big” brother has an affinity for languages(fluent in 4) and history. I always thought he’d be a success on Jeopardy because he absorbs and remembers information like no one I have ever known. He loves trains of all kinds and has a model train layout in his workshop. He loves cars and driving and has taught almost every one of the family members how to drive. Loves to garden(ask him how he grows his killer tomatoes) and loves vacationing in Outer Banks with his wife, children and grandchildren as well as living in close proximity to his children and grandchildren.

Happy Birthday to my Big Brother!

til next time…Eva


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