Fragrant Surprises

flowers from Nessie 007a

Yesterday my neighbor had asked me if I would feed her dogs and let them out cause she was working overtime. I had just fed them and was letting them out when I noticed a local florist van in MY driveway and the delivery man was on my porch ringing the doorbell.

I walked over asking if I could help him? My first thought was that he was at the wrong address. I NEVER get flowers…the last time I got flowers was 10 years ago when my mother passed away.

He said, “yes, I have a delivery”…”for me?” “Well if your name is …..” “yes..but I never get flowers…” “well, you did today.” He smiled and handed me the lovely clear vase filled with large yellow roses, white daisies and small yellow lilies. “enjoy!”
Who would send me flowers? No one died…not that I knew of…

Bending down to smell the fragrant roses and the brisk scent of daisies…it was symbolizing to me a hope of Spring after the long cold winter we just survived…

I took them inside, set them on the table and opened up the card…my lovely 23 year old daughter sent them to me…early Mother’s Day flowers(actually, I was really confused as to why I would get Mother’s Day flowers two weeks early…)…she later told me that she had originally wanted them to arrive the Saturday before Mother’s Day but sent the order before putting the request in…
But you know, having them early is so nice…I needed them when they arrived…totally unexpected and a total surprise…
Thank you my sweet daughter…love you…

May you all get (and give) sweet surprises…they are what make life enjoyable.

til next time…Eva

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