Waiting for Tenants

   I bought two unfinished bird houses in December at a local High School’s holiday fair.  They had been made by the students in their wood shop classes…pine with a nail for the perch.

   I painted them a few weeks ago, added some silk flowers and hung them in our back yard in two different trees.  Since our Spring has been quite cold, it’s only these past two weeks that the grass became green again, flowers springing up and the trees are just now sprouting small leaves.  I was concerned that no one had yet claimed the houses…nor had there been any lookers! 

   Until today.  I had a day off today…gorgeous sunny day, had decided to hang my wash out.  I heard the house wren being quite frantic and when I looked over at the one house, there were four little birds flying back and forth…two wrens and two sparrows.  If the one sparrow attempted to look into the house, the wren would literally charge in its direction to chase it away.  This went on for hours. 

   The sparrows eventually gave up and took over one of the other houses…not as picturesque as this one…the wrens won…for now and all is quiet once again.

   til next time…Eva


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