Zowie…My Guard Bird


Meet Zowie…my Guard Bird.
Our dog Benji is a little old dog now and can’t be bothered with barking anymore. The two cats have no part in letting me know if there is any “danger” except by dashing away under the bed…but Zowie…my sweet little cockatiel…she has taken over all guard duties in this house!

I am hearing impaired and have worn a hearing aid since I am 6 years old(the hearing aids back then are a whole blog post all on their own…). There are times when I am home that I don’t wear my hearing aid and often don’t hear many things such as door bells, telephones, tea kettles(oh yes, I can’t tell you how many tea kettles have hit the dust in my house…the incidents when the kettle actually adheres to the burner on the stove…).

Zowie is so amazing with her guard duties…each of her squawks has a specific meaning and over the 13 years that I have had her, she has added more to her repertoire. For example: there is one squawk for when someone is driving down the driveway…there are differentiations between whether it is a stranger(then it’s the “intruder” alert!) or whether its my husband or daughter. The squawk for when the phone rings, when the oven bell sounds, when the doorbell rings, when my cell phone is vibrating, when the cats are misbehaving!, or when the black birds are in my front yard. A different squawk for when her cage floor is dirty(she will then keep looking at it with total disdain until I clean it up) and one for when she has spilled her water dish.

She is the one who greets me when I come home and says goodbye when I leave. There is no one else in the house who remotely cares either way…

We sit outside if we are able to…I place her cage on a small table and we sit next to each other enjoying the sights and sounds of the birds and other life outside. She will then come down to where her little door is and pull it open and shut until I stick my hand in to pet her. If I don’t respond right away, she will continue to slam the door, then ring her little bell, and slam some more.

She loves music and if I stand in front of her cage and dance a little back and forth, she will move back and forth with me. If I lift my arms up and down, she will flap her wings. One time I didn’t know my daughter was behind me filming the two of us “dancing”…she said she wanted it for when she wasen’t home so that she could have something of the two of us being silly.

I never knew a little bird could be such an incredible friend…and how grateful I am for her.

til next time…Eva


4 thoughts on “Zowie…My Guard Bird

  1. One bird for 13 years, with no avian companions? Interesting. My friend Karen had Rojo the parrot plus a buillt-in aviary room in their place in TX when we first met; I think they’d had Rojo for 25 years when he died, but the others were always in pairs or clusters, and I think they were mostly cockatiels. They had a pair in a glass aviary @ Autumn Care where Mom’s in rehab again — George & Gracie — but one must have died because there’s a white bird in with it this time around.

    • I agree with you…My little Zowie is the one who greets me coming and going…keeps me informed of “intruders” of any kind plus tells me when the phone rings, the timer on the stove goes, the door bell, and other strange sounds. I am sure it’s a noisy household sometimes with three cockatiels and 7 parakeets! Glad my blog resonates with you…

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