What are YOU waiting for?

My neighbor and I go to a lot of yard sales during the summer months and we are continually amazed with the number of items that are never used, still in their original boxes. People cleaning out their deceased or recently gone to nursing home relatives’ houses. When asked, they invariably reply, “they were keeping it ‘for good’…guess ‘good’ never came!” It can be anything…dishes, clothing, jewelry…

My mother had a set of dishes that were “for good”. Mind you, they were expensive dishes and she had a special cabinet just for them. They would be taken out for special occasions…Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving. Very rarely did they see light of day. When my mother passed away, I was asked if I wanted her dishes…no. I remember the stress of every holiday after helping her with the cooking and then having to wash the dishes by hand. I wanted no part of it. My niece had always loved the dishes and she got them.

So, my meandering today is basically, What is it You are waiting for? Do you have special dishes that you keep “only for good”? Or how about clothes(and eventually they go out of style or don’t fit anymore). Jewelry?(I’m a big one on this one…I have some lovely pieces but I wear costume jewelry instead because I only wear the good stuff “for good”). Maybe it’s something like getting your hair cut/done more often(I am getting my hair cut today…first time in a year…the rest of the time I trim it…trust me, it needs it!). Or maybe it’s something like the sheets on your bed or the towels in your bathroom(you keep washing the same old worn out sheets and towels). And the list goes on.

Why oh why do we do this? Why don’t we think we are good enough for the good things we have in our lives?
Maybe we need to use the step system for Alcoholics Anonymous…just for today I will use something I have kept ‘just for good’. What would you do? Take out enough settings of your good dishes and put them in the kitchen cabinet…take the old chipped ones out and put them in a box for now…use the pretty candle holders and vases you have…the lovely placemats you have….take out a lovely towel or two and start using it…change your bed and use the luscious sheets you have stored away…or wear the jewelry you have…one day at a time.

Do you need permission? Ok then…I give you permission…and I will do the same for myself.

Life is just too short and too precious not to enjoy small pleasures every day…determine today what will give you pleasure…it doesn’t have to cost you a thing…in many cases, its what you have stored away “for good”.

Be good to yourself!

til next time…Eva

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