Stepping Over The Line… AKA… Safe Topics

I read an article a little while ago by Andrrea Hess(  from Empowered Soul about how many of us make do with our friendships. 

For example, every time I used to go to workshops where it would be 2-3 days in length and being totally immersed with others who enjoyed the same things, having the vegetarian meals and in depth conversations about anything and everything, I would be buzzing with enthusiasm and high energy levels.  Thoroughly convinced that I would continue to feel that way when I came home…it would unfortunately always totally crash.  My thoughts would always return to,”Why can’t I have a happy medium between a  totally buzzing and highly energetic life and the everyday work environment and negativity?”

  Gratefully now through the internet, I at least have varied groups of online friends with the same varied interests as well as experiencing the same experiences and frustrations in daily life.  Self improvement, Law of Attraction, business ventures, creative ideas, health issues, etc.  Being able to bounce off ideas and have someone grab it and toss it right back to you is such a stimulating part of life that unfortunately doesn’t always occur in our daily off-line lives.

Think of your various family members, friends and acquaintances…basically with each family member and friend, you have the safe topics of conversations…and heaven help you if you cross the line. As in the article, we have friends now who basically tolerate our differences and oddities. Your oddities could be absolutely anything…your eating habits, your mode of dress, your hobbies, your nonconventional interests…anything at all.

Have you noticed when you begin to make any changes in your life…eating habits, starting up a new business, exercise program, giving up smoking or drinking, going back to school…and the people around you feel threatened in some way…the safe topics of conversation begin to lessen.

I was reminded of this yesterday. A friend of mine was talking about an event that I found repulsive. I replied that I didn’t approve of it and her response was, “I am not at all surprised, you are strange in that way, aren’t you but I put up with you anyway.” I never fully realized how many times I have been shutting down in order to “keep the peace’ and basically the list of safe conversation topics have dwindled to dangerously low levels. This happens in many marriages as well.

I realize that it’s never going to be a perfect world with all of us rotating in the same direction. We’re not all on the same path either. It just feels like one more lesson that has to be experienced in order to move on.

The article in the end reminds us that there are times in our lives when we need to cut the ties with some of those people or at the very least, spend very little time with them because if we don’t we will never reach our true potential.
I know I need to really think this one through…how about you?

til next time…Eva

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