Becoming “Real”

When my daughter was small, I used to read to her every night before bedtime…not just one book but some nights, one after the other. One of our favorites was “The Velveteen Rabbit” by Margery Williams. If you aren’t familiar with the book, it’s about a toy velveteen rabbit who belongs to a little boy. The boy loves his toy rabbit and becomes very ill with scarlet fever . After his illness, everything that he used during his illness was to be burned, even his beloved toy rabbit.
One of the most memorable parts of the story is that the velveteen rabbit wanted to become “real” and was told by the other toys that the way you become “real” is when you are loved by a child. In the end, he becomes “real” thanks to the toy fairy and now lives with the real rabbits.

I was reminded of this story the other day when I saw the bed of a friend’s little son…

He adores stuffed animals…and if you look at most of them, they are still in new condition and many still have their original tags…but…if you look on his pillow…you will see the “real” one…


This is the one who sits with him in the morning when he is eating his breakfast. This is the one who is with him when he isn’t feeling well or is very tired.

My daughter’s “real” toy was a little fox that looked like a chipmunk. It went everywhere with her and the first day of Kindergarten when she had to go on that scary big school bus, “Chippy” was in her hand the whole time. My daughter is now 23 and doesn’t have need of Chippy at the moment…but I have kept Chippy safe and sound in a drawer.

I think that saying kind of holds true for all of us, doesn’t it…that when someone loves us, we become real…

til next time…Eva

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