Mirror, Mirror, On the wall…

   I’ve noticed lately that when I look in the mirror, I see my mother staring back at me.  I’m ok with that because I loved my mother dearly.  Apparently others are noticing it as well. 

   I went to a yard sale with my girlfriend two weeks ago that was close to the neighborhood I grew up in.  As we were looking at the items, the lady looked at me and said, “You’re from the bakery, aren’t you?”  I said yes…”You haven’t changed a bit…I can’t believe it.”  She then proceeded to ask how my husband was.  “You have two children, right?”  “I have one daughter”.  “But there were two children there…a little boy and a younger girl.”

   By now it hit me…she thought I was my mother!  “The little boy in the shop was my brother and the little girl was me!”  “How old are you now?” she asked.  I told her.  “Oh, you’re still a young one”…she looks at my girlfriend and says, “not like us…we have a few more years on us.”  My girlfriend puffed up…”I’m the same age as she is.”  The lady pats my friend’s arm and says, “of course you are, dear.”

   As we left, my friend looked at me(by this time I was laughing) and mutters, “Well, I’m sure you’re feeling really good about yourself right now…and I feel…OLD!”

   mirror, mirror on the wall…I’ve become my mother after all!

   til next time…Eva

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