Fairy Dust

Every May 1 when my daughter was little, we would go to the Kutztown(PA) University Renaissance Faire. The faculty and students would put on a full day of authentic dress, music, food and activities for all ages including the May Pole and story teller. There were palm readers, plays, and authentic music. My daughter loved dressing up and wearing a floral wreath.

There were many stands there as well with books, handcrafted items and food. One year someone had small vial necklaces filled with pink “fairy dust”.(pink glitter) That was the beloved purchase of the day and she wore that necklace for a long time.

Fast forward to her second year in college. I had bought some small pieces of Herkimer Diamonds and needed a small bottle to hold them. I came across the “fairy dust” vial, emptied it into a small jar and put the Herkimer diamonds in it. My daughter came home for the weekend and saw the vial.
“Mom…what have you done?!” “what do you mean?” “You’ve ruined it!” “Ruined what?” “My fairy dust!!!!” “it was filled with pink glitter!” “HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT???!!!” She was hysterical at this point and crying. “I still have it…I can put it back in…here it is…” “No, you ruined it…it will never be the same again…the fairy dust got ruined when you took it out and now it doesn’t work anymore.” “are you serious right now? you really believe that pink glitter was fairy dust?” “I was three years old when I got this…I loved this…and now you ruined it.”

I still have this little vial of “fairy dust” and came across it when I was cleaning today…who knows…maybe it was real fairy dust and I did ruin it…sorry Ness… Words of wisdom…there is that little child in each one of us who desperately wants to believe the way they did when they were young…and the adult who just didn’t understand. It’s not fun being the adult who inadvertently squashed dreams…

til next time…Eva

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