The Boredom Embroidery


    As you have probably figured out by now, I am a crafter.  I am the person who gets excited about a new crafting technique on YouTube…a new crochet stitch, paper flowers, sewing, painting, you name it…if I haven’t tried it yet, I probably want to…

    We used to have a needlecraft/yarn discount shop where you could buy bags of yarn in dye lots(that means that all of the yarn in that particular bag was dyed at the same time so when you are knitting or crocheting something, your entire project will be the same shade) as well as embroidery projects.  There were also big sales there and my mother and I loved going down there.

   One time, I bought a crewel embroidery that was designed by Erica Wilson…a bouquet of flowers wrapped in a newspaper.  Quite large and quite labor intensive.  This was one of those projects that seem exciting in the beginning but you grow to hate it as the time continues on.  I worked on this for years…it became my “boredom embroidery”.   This is the piece I would drag out when I was truly depressed about something…work, romance, weight, etc.  My parents would literally groan when I would bring this out to work on.  “Oh no…don’t tell me it’s the boredom embroidery again…”

   There were many times I felt like just ditching this embroidery into the garbage…but something kept me going and eventually I did finish it…the date on the embroidery is 1977.  Since then, it has languished in a box.   Until today…I found it while I was de-cluttering…you know, it doesn’t look half bad…maybe it’s time that I press it a little and finally frame it…and actually hang it up somewhere…

   til next time…Eva


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