Living Vicariously…through other peoples’ vacations


   Everyone I know seems to be on a vacation at the moment…and I have been living vicariously through them all.  My cousin leaves for the Danish island of Bornholm tomorrow with her family for two weeks; my neighbor was in Southern USA last week(I was taking care of her dogs while she was gone); one friend is presently on a river cruise in Germany for two weeks(I’ve been taking care of her cats); two friends in Italy, one just left today and my brother and family leave shortly for a week to Outer Banks…

   Have you noticed that people don’t send post cards out anymore?  With the advent of the cell phone photographs, we see the vacation photos on Facebook or sent to our phones(if we have them). 

   But I regress…I don’t begrudge people their long awaited vacations.  I feel somewhat like Hyacinth Bucket of “Keeping Up Appearances”…British sitcom…there was one episode when she went to the travel agent to pick up some travel brochures to have on her coffee table.  The purpose was not to actually go on a vacation but as a conversation starter.  In her case(as in most instances for Hyacinth), it didn’t come out as planned. 

   I used to love to travel and have taken some incredible vacations…but somewhere along the way, life got in the way and now it’s been so long since I’ve actually gone somewhere(other than a day trip now and then) that I’ve almost forgotten how it felt…that excitement of packing a suitcase, getting on the plane, being somewhere new and exciting…eating unfamiliar foods, walking down unfamiliar streets, etc. 

   You know, I’m going to get myself some travel brochures of places I want to visit and have them on my coffee table…and maybe, just maybe I will soon find a way to take that vacation…

   til next time…Eva


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