Family Jokes

   I was reminded today of how our family history sometimes becomes a family joke.  How one time you did something really stupid, made a mistake, looked weird, school fiasco…you name it…and forevermore it becomes what the family remembers as the essence of you.  No matter what the 1000s of fantastic things you’ve done since then…it always reverts back to that painful piece of history.

   Mine happens to be my sense of direction.  I “always” get lost.  Now, granted, I do tend to get disoriented when I am in a strange area and they have detours. One time I was driving down to my brother’s house for the day.(They had recently moved and I was so used to their old directions).   I got so far and hit a detour.  Asked for directions…got lost, asked for more directions.  By the time I knew it, I was 25 miles out of the area!  I called them from my cell phone and told them I was sorry but I was going home.  I was totally humiliated.  I came home, walked past my husband(he knew better than to ask me why I was home…), went into my room, locked the door and stayed there wallowing in pity the rest of the day. 

 One of my desires is to get a really good GPS so that I will never get lost again.  The family joke of my always getting lost has given me an inferiority complex in that area.

   My niece is a very accomplished woman, very successful in her profession…yet…many years ago she made a birthday cake for her father that was a complete flop…flat and absolutely awful.  Mind you, since then she has made some incredible cakes…but the family joke is, “Oh, she is a lousy baker…that cake was horrible!”

   What is your family joke?  What moment in time is forever memorialized with pain?  The incident that whenever they mention it and chuckle, you inwardly groan? 

   til next time…Eva





One thought on “Family Jokes

  1. I am proud of the fact I can bake bread from scratch. I am always telling my youngest brother, Russ, how good it is and doesn’t he wish he lived close enough to come over and have some. When my mom and I went to visit him all he asked for was some homemade bread. And of course, it failed miserably. It was disgusting. Being my brother, he never lets me forget it.

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