Long Range Planners


   I was thinking today about how some people are really good long range planners and others are not.  When I used to be a bridal consultant, I came across the gamut  of the long range planners(2 years on up) and the short range planners(1 month or less)! 

   The various brides I had who were long range planners honestly drove me crazy before the wedding date arrived.  One particularly memorable bride was in the service.  She came into the bridal shop with her fiancé when she was home and bought a gown…the wedding was to be 2 years from that date.  I received a letter from her a few months later saying that she was not engaged to the man she had come to the stop with but still wanted the gown.  Later on a letter arrived saying she was engaged again and the wedding date was the same.  And still later came a letter to ship the gown to the specified location…she was getting married to groom number 3!

   Another long range planner came in 3 years before the wedding.  Came in several times before choosing her gown and then the bridesmaids(all 8 of them).  Changed her mind several times.  Bridesmaids came and went(at the end there were only 2 of the original ones…the others had either become ex- friends or had moved away).  I honestly dreaded when she would come in.

   My favorite short range planner bride came into the shop and her wedding was planned in less than 2 weeks.  The tea length gown was one off the racks and rush altered as was the bridal hat.    Wedding and reception at a friend’s house.  Photographers were friends and family members.  She and the groom had been “secretly” engaged for 30 years.  Their mothers never liked each other and forbade them to marry.  The one mother had recently passed away and the other mother gave them her blessing after all.  I have never seen a more radiantly happy couple than that one.

   Now I fully understand the logistics of long range planning with getting some of the locations for the wedding…whether it be the religious location, reception location, destination wedding.  Adding the food, flowers, photographer,  hotel rooms for guests, etc.  Am reminded of a cartoon once where the lady is saying, “I understand that houses have kitchens but I don’t see how it pertains to me…”  I fully understand the need for long range planning in many areas but I must have not gotten that gene.  I make wedding bouquets out of paper and fabric and I would rather at this point have someone who needs their bouquet quickly than to have one who has it planned for next year…I find more often than not that the long range planners have too much time to change their minds.  The short range planners don’t have the luxury to change their minds.  I just got an order for a bouquet that needs to be delivered by next Wednesday for the wedding on Saturday.  I love the rush of excitement in getting it ready in time!

   My father was a long range planner for our summer vacations when I was growing up.  How he relished perusing the maps and determining where we were going.  Every night in the winter he would spend some time in his chair with his pipe and make notes or check out the maps. 

   My neighbor must have gotten the long range planning gene…her son has been studying for his doctorate and his graduation gift is to be on a cruise with his family.  He graduates next May and she has been planning the cruise for two years now…the clothes, suitcases, etc.

   I fully understand for a lot of long range planners,  the planning is an integral part of their event…the anticipation.  Guess we all have different thoughts of what “long range” means…

   til next time…Eva



2 thoughts on “Long Range Planners

  1. Sounds like first bridezilla needed to listen to “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans” — then again, she did eventually get her wedding in her chosen gown. Would be interesting to know if she and #3 worked out in the long-term. I’d have to throw my bouquet into the ring with the 2 week bride also — too busy living in the here and now to spend so much time planning a future which is pretty much guaranteed to change before it ever arrives…

  2. I would say that most of the brides I had over the years were quite charming and excited. Every now and then would be a “bridezilla” who honestly believed that the wedding was going to be the most important day in her life…and as we all know, our lives are filled with extremely important days…not all good.

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