Where did all this paper come from?

   This whole de-cluttering adventure has had me going through what seems like mountains of paper…just when I think I am through, I find another filled box or bag.  The papers appear to be in annual layers with some years much worse than others.

   I began to realize that the years with the most paper were my “overwhelm” years…I wonder now what exactly I did…did I just open a drawer and shove the papers in there?  Did I have a pile somewhere and then stuck it all in a bag and put it in the closet? 

   Some of it was junk mail but not much.  The majority was letters, old bills, various cards…birthday, Christmas, Anniversary.  Papers I had printed out on the computer, school papers from my daughter, her school notebooks which I ripped out the used pages and kept the clean notebook(I have a whole box of these notebooks now…).  An interesting study on my daughter’s notebooks…I realize now which subjects she really had trouble with…those are the ones where she did some amazing drawings…Math, Science, French…all of these notebooks were filled with amazing doodles.

   I found my journals from the time…glancing through them, I realized I didn’t want them all…they saddened me.  Found some of my poems…I used to write a lot of poems in my younger years..would actually wake up during the night and have to write them down.  I haven’t written a poem in years. 

   I found some cards with my parents’ loving messages on them…such treasures and I did a lot of crying those days.  Found my daughter’s various little notes and drawings which brought smiles and chuckles. 

   Oh yes, and then my new years’ resolutions…every year had 1. Lose weight  and 2. De-clutter.  Every single year. 

   After de-cluttering for almost a month now, I realize that I am not going to get done as I had planned…the papers pulled me down.  It has been an emotional month with the de-cluttering…and it was all due to the papers.  I’ve gone a long way…garbage every week and bags to the Good Will every week.  Have also given things away and gathered others to try and sell on Etsy or Ebay.

   til next time…Eva



One thought on “Where did all this paper come from?

  1. Papers: Analogue non-necessities. Poems & doodles? Post them here! We’d love to see them! Notes from your parents: Priceless memories for a scrapbook or dvd. It’s very ok to reset (unrealistic?) goals; don’t kick yourself. You’re inspiring us all! xo

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