Small Successes Mean A Lot…

   You know those times in your life that you apparently keep plodding along and everything just stays the same?  Certain areas in your life, although small in the scheme of things, tend to give you that sense of failure.  I’ve had three items that have weighed me down for a long time…one of them being….

   Banana Bread…I know, you are going to say to me as many others have, “what’s so hard about making banana bread?”  I have been having failures making banana bread for years…do you realize how embarrassing that is for a baker’s kid?  My banana bread would be this heavy sodden mess no matter what I did or what recipe I tried.  One of my elderly friends said, “what’s wrong with you?  You cannot mess up banana bread.”    Another one(my 93 year old friend Angie) said, “I was surprised at your banana bread problems…I would have thought the daughter of a baker would have a foolproof recipe.  I never had any problem because a banana only has to have a brown spotted peel for me to turn it into a bread ingredient.  Good luck to you from here on in!”

   I had four spotted bananas today and decided that for one last time, I was going to make it.  If it didn’t turn out today, then, baloney…I was giving up!  I went online to check on a recipe using oil.  Found one using both baking powder and baking soda.  Mashed up the bananas like I used to mash them up for my daughter’s baby food treat…did everything precisely cause I knew this was my last chance.

   Smelled good baking in the oven.  I was afraid to even open the oven to look at it so I didn’t.  When the timer went off, I very carefully took it out and left it in the pan for a little while before turning in on the rack.  Smells good.  Looks good.  But the other failures also smelled and looked good…until you cut a slice from them…

   A few hours later, I said a little prayer and cut my slice.  Not wet.  Not crumbly.  Could it be?  Finally?  YES!  Happy Dance Yes!  Hubby took a slice.  Smiles.  “Maybe next time you could add some walnuts?  I love walnuts in banana bread…”  (next time)  Yes!  Success!  One item off the list. 

   If you need a good recipe, try this one…


   2 cups flour

   1 t baking soda

   1 t baking powder

   1 t salt

   2 eggs

   1 cup sugar(I used 3/4 cup and it was still too sweet for me…so adjust accordingly)

   4 ripe bananas(thoroughly mashed)

   1 t vanilla

   1/2 cup oil

   1 t cinnamon

   350 degrees for one hour.

   a. Put all dry ingredients in a bowl and stir together.

   b. cream the eggs and sugar then stir in the bananas, vanilla and oil.

       Stir in the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients 1/3 at a time.

   c. Pour into a large greased bread pan

   Bake at 350 for one hour.

   Let cool on a rack.

   Enjoy 🙂

   til next time!  Eva009






4 thoughts on “Small Successes Mean A Lot…

  1. I was like this with home made angel food cake. It took many dozens of eggs and a lot of frustration before I could consistently make a good cake but once I got it there was no stopping me. Congratulations. Julie

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