Deviled Eggs

002Whenever we go to my side of the family for any occasion(picnic, holiday, birthday) I am always requested to bring two things…one is deviled eggs and the other is chocolate covered pretzels.  And it never fails, the minute we come into the house, the first words from my nephew and my brother are, “hope you brought the deviled eggs!” and they dive into them immediately.  When my niece’s husband comes later, he always knows to look into the fridge and grab his eggs.

   Today was no different.  We went to a Labor Day picnic and I had made my eggs earlier this morning.  I thought I would put the recipe on here.  I had told my neighbor that I was to make the deviled eggs and she asked what I put in them…when I told her “curry”, her response was, “you are making them wrong…deviled eggs have mustard in them…”  maybe so…

   My deviled eggs have three ingredients.  Eggs, Mayonnaise and Curry Powder.  I have on occasion put a little lemon juice in as well.

   Hard cook your eggs.  Peel and let them get cool.  Cut in half lengthwise and scoop out the yolks into a bowl.  Mash them til they are as smooth as possible.  At this point add your cold mayonnaise to make the egg yolk mixture a creamy consistency.  Add curry powder to taste. Spoon the egg yolk mixture back into the egg and sprinkle some curry powder on top.  Refrigerate until serving time.

Note: to give you an idea of exact measurements that I used today…I made a dozen of jumbo eggs.  After I had mashed them, I put in about 3 heaping tablespoons of the mayonnaise.  We really like curry powder so it was close to 1 1/2 teaspoons of curry powder. 

   This is also how I make my Eggs Mayonnaise(egg salad)…but just chop the eggs up and add the mayonnaise and curry.


   Enjoy!  Until next time…Eva



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