Two Cents

014a   Some days, it seems that everyone has an opinion about everything you do, say, wear or make.  I was having that kind of weekend so I decided to keep quiet this afternoon with my little bird Zowie and make flowers for my Etsy shop. 

   My favorite place to work is in the kitchen, so I put Zowie’s cage on the kitchen table and she can then watch me work and comment as well. (she loves to watch me work…sits on the lower perch and surveys all of my supplies.  When I am making a flower, I always show them to her and she gives me an opinion as well…if it isn’t favorable, her hat goes up and she gives me an angry squawk.  If favorable, her hat stays down and she starts to eat).  My husband hates when I mess up the kitchen area, absolutely hates it and can’t understand why I don’t set up a nice area in one of the other rooms and make myself a workshop.  I have thought about that and I have also tried it for a while but always come back to the kitchen.  I think I finally figured out why. 

   I am hearing impaired since forever and wear a hearing aid.  If I take my hearing aid off, I basically hear very little and lately even with my hearing aid I am not hearing as well as I used to with it.  (thanks to tinnitus that cropped up about 10 years ago).   So I now realize that because I am always afraid of “missing something”, I don’t like to be in seclusion like my husband does.  Yes, I get interrupted  at times and in the event of an order or deadline, I do find I need to go into another room to concentrate.

   I have noticed that people who have superior hearing for the most part have no patience for those of us who are hearing impaired. They become irritated with having to repeat words and talk behind you, cover their mouths or just walk away. Telephones used to be difficult but they are better now.  I have never been able to be in a theater and hear/understand what was being said.  Movies and most television programs are not pleasurable unless there  is closed captioning.  Plays and Concerts are no pleasure for me and it pains me to hear people laughing at the jokes and I can’t hear what is going on.  Musicals are somewhat better but just when they are singing…at least I can enjoy something.  I remember going to all of my daughter’s plays in High School and not understanding anything.  Eating in a restaurant and having a conversation is almost impossible.

   All that being said, there is a plus side to it.  When there is too much noise or something I don’t want to hear, I just turn my hearing aid off.  I can remember in Elementary school that I would turn my hearing aid off and my teacher would see it and say, “Eva! Don’t you dare turn your hearing aid off!”.  In High School and College I would turn my hearing aid off when I was taking my exams/tests.

   I get irritated with people who need a hearing aid but won’t get one because they feel stigmatized wearing one.  I usually give them the story of my first hearing aid.  I was 6 I believe and my hearing aid was a large boxy one that I had to wear in a white holder type harness.  The cord extended from my aid up to my neck and around to the ear.  The kids behind me in school used to make static electricity so they could see me jump in my chair.  I always had to sit in the first chair of the row in every class…not always a bad thing.

   We all have something, don’t we?

til next time…Eva






4 thoughts on “Two Cents

  1. Your welcome. Your post really helped me see things from another persons point of view. I work with a lady who has only been in the United States for about a year. She is a nice lady but her English isn’t very good. I am not always very patient with her. I never thought how isolated she must feel when she is with a group of us and can’t understand or make herself understood. I was only thinking of how frustrating it is for me to have to explain things to her over and over and not be sure she understands even when she says she does. That’s going to change. Julie

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