A Different Day

My husband had to go in for some minor same day surgery today.  One of the requirements since he was going to be having anesthesia was to fast after midnight.  Now, this is something excruciating for him…more so than the thought of surgery.  I’m ok with not eating for long periods of time and fasting the whole day is totally doable for me.  He, on the other hand, is a regimented eater.  Breakfast at 7ish consists of cereal and tea first.  Then he makes himself a cooked breakfast of egg, potatoes, meat and tomato.  Mid-morning(9ish) consists of coffee and something sweet.  Lunch is noon…soup, sandwich, chips, an apple and a piece of dark chocolate.  Teatime is at 3(he’s a Brit) – tea in a teapot and whatever is going…pie, English muffins, tea muffins, etc.  Dinner at 6.  A cup of tea and two biscuits(aka cookies) around 8 and he’s done for the day…bed at 9.

I tried to be discreet this morning with my morning tea.  He came out to get a packet ready to take along so he could eat and drink something on the way home.  He got a packet of plain crackers and a juice drink packet out for me as well…both items I don’t really eat anymore…and when I declined, “but, you’re going to be hungry”.  “I’ll be ok…I’ll take a water along”.

We got to the surgery center in good time and were shown back to the recovery area.  He was given a large plastic bag to put his belongings in(bag labeled “Personal Belongings”) and a hospital gown with matching socks…blue-purple in color, kind of hyacinth purple.  The wording plastered all over the socks was  “Bair Paws” with little paw prints.  He went in to change and came out all disturbed because he couldn’t find the ties in the back so that his backside wouldn’t show.  I found the ties, tied them and he lay uncomfortably on the bed.  Apparently the “Bair Paws: means “Patient Adjustable Warming System”…that a tube is attached to the gown to warm you if you are cold.  Looked like a vacuum cleaner hose…sounds quite ingenious to me!  He’s always the warm sort…I’m always the cold one…so this little contraption didn’t get tried.

He came out of the anesthesia and was ready for when the nurse asked him if he wanted something to drink and eat.  (apple juice and toast).  He also ate his crackers and drank the juice pack he’d brought along on the way home.  Had me stop for doughnuts and when we got home had tea and doughnuts!  Was told by the nurse to be a “couch potato” for the rest of the day, don’t bend your head down, no driving and no making any important decisions or signing any important papers today at all.  Last I checked, he was in his bed fast asleep.

It was a different day…

til next time…Eva

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