“Other Side of the Tracks”

I love to enter sweepstakes and contests…anything that doesn’t cost me anything to enter.  Years before there were the on-line sweepstakes, I used to subscribe to a weekly newsletter of sweepstakes.  Back then, it had to be on a postcard and you had to send it via the postal service.  I would allot myself a certain number of postcards a week to send.

Doing it online is much easier but time consuming nonetheless.  I’ve read many people saying to treat it as your hobby and only enter for what you really want…but in the beginning you tend to enter almost everything…hoping for something, anything, to come in your mailbox.

Nothing earth shattering has come in my mailbox but everything that does arrive is still a thrill.  That unexpected surprise.  Books, make up, food items(gourmet brownies one time, pet food, popcorn, etc.), t-shirts, many of the items I’ve won weren’t the top prize in the category…most likely the last listed “…and 500 t-shirts”.  But, that’s ok, I enjoyed them anyway.

Lately, there was a house in Florida that I entered every day worth $900,000.  I visualized living there when the Northeast freezes and sitting in the evening by the lake enjoying the sunset.  Enjoying the visits of winter weary family and friends.

This all reminded me of a sign I saw once, “I’ve never been a millionaire, but I know I’d really be good at it.”

I was talking about it to a wealthy client of mine and her response to me was, “Wow, that would really be on the other side of the tracks for you, wouldn’t it?”

I personally have always disliked that phrase…pigeon holing people due to their present circumstances.  Judging people by the work they are doing, how they are dressed at the moment, etc.  Never knowing or attempting to know what’s underneath the surface.

Maybe she really didn’t mean anything by it but it opened my eyes…was I insulted?  Yes, definitely…but I then wondered how many times am I that way?  Maybe not it regards to financial wealth but in regards to education, ambition, compassion, drive, how you treat children, the elderly and animals…you bet I’m judgmental in those areas.  Since I got that statement thrown at me a few weeks ago, I’ve been really weighing how I look at other people and searching beyond the surface…and gratified in many cases to know that I was wrong about them.

The sweepstakes is over and I didn’t win…not that house…but there are more sweepstakes and one day my name will be the one drawn…and I will jump over the proverbial railroad tracks!

til next time…Eva


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