The Green Grocer

007   I was shopping at our local greengrocer  today.  It’s a small place but has reasonably priced fruits and vegetables(the owners are truckers and pick up the fruits and vegetables on their trips)…the cheapest in the area.  The only problem is that sometimes you need to use the food quickly before it spoils.

It can get crowded there certain times of the day and some days are worse than others.  There are the people who hover over a particular area and test every item there.  They kind of remind me of a dog protecting his bone…they look around and almost snarl at you if you come near.

There are the people who turn over every bag of the grapes(there was a couple there today and she was one of those…I kid you not, she stood in that one space turning over each and every bag of grapes…I don’t know what she was looking for.  The guy with her was so embarrassed that he went over to the other side of the store and stood looking at her and pretended he didn’t know her! )

There are the squeezers who touch every tomato etc. (you know, I am willing to bet that the squeezers are also the ones at Christmas time who poke their fingers into the bottoms of the chocolates to see if it’s a flavor they like!).

The long lost friends who bump in there…must plant both their carts in the center of the floor and gush over the last 20 years.

The individual with their cell phone plastered to their ear, describing all of the foods.

The “tourists” who are there for the first time and are so thrilled with the prices.  They ooh and aaah over everything and have an overflowing cart.

The parents with their children…it’s a pleasure to see the little ones so excited about all of the fresh fruits and veggies in their cart…sometimes they are already eating some of it.

Today it was crowded and I had a cart for a change.  I had just put something into it and was getting something else.  When I came back to my cart, an elderly gentleman was looking perplexedly in the cart.  I realized then that I had been putting a few of my items there.  Should I tell him or not?  Oh, why not.  “Is there a problem, sir?”  He lifts up the offending bag of green grapes. “These aren’t mine…and neither is this red pepper.”  “Oh, I’m so sorry, I must have mistaken your cart for mine – oh – I see my cart is right there.”  I gave a little chuckle. He did not look amused.   He gave me “my stuff”, hmmfted  a bit, rearranged his stuff and moved on.  I, on the other hand, chuckled all the way home on that one.

You have to get your chuckles whatever way you can!

til next time!  Eva

3 thoughts on “The Green Grocer

  1. Greengrocer sounds like such a bygone era name to me — quite charming.
    You say cart — which is what we always called them.
    Around here it’s “buggy.” which I still have not gotten used to, and that gives me the giggles.

    • My parents always called it “Green grocer”…in Denmark that is where you bought your fruits and veggies. There was also the separate butcher, baker, dairy as well as other small shops. Unfortunately, that has all changed…hopefully someday it will return.

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