Autumn Has Begun


I had my little bird Zowie outside with me for a very short while today when a gust of wind brought an onslaught of leaves from our neighbor’s tree.  Zowie’s hat came up and she gave  a nervous squawk and flapping of winds…I realized she had to go back into the house.   I went back out to sit with Kitty…when I looked at the size of the leaves, I realized they were the size of Zowie…I guess if objects started falling out of the sky the size of humans, I’d probably raise my hat too and squawk!

Kitty, on the other hand, is loving being out on the deck today.  The sun is shining and when the leaves land, she pounces on them.  Beast, on the other hand, is in another area of the house taking a nap.

Autumn has crept up on me once again.  I’m not ready for the colder weather…our house never really gets warm enough in the winter and I’m not thrilled about again wearing several layers inside and out.

I walked around the garden earlier…there are two magnificent and fragrant red roses…probably my last of the season.  The black eyed susans and the butterfly bushes are dwindling down.  Still a few butterflies…and the squirrels and chipmunks are busy gathering their winter fodder.

I will have to buy some topsoil this weekend and repot my houseplants who have been outside all summer…two bonsai trees and a grapefruit tree extravaganza.  That pot is so filled with grapefruit tree seedlings…every time I have any citrus fruit, I just put the seeds in that pot.  Apples and pears too…when I transfer it into a larger pot, I’ll find out exactly what’s in there.

So, much as I hate to admit it, there is a definite scent and sound of autumn in the air.  But for now, this moment in time, it is delightful to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine and have a cup of tea.  And inside the house is the smell of bread baking in the breadmaker and vegetable soup in the crockpot.

til next time…Eva


2 thoughts on “Autumn Has Begun

  1. Lovely thoughts on how we are all (maybe mostly) feeling about the extra layers and chilly weather. The colour of your red rose has come out so well. I sometimes find that red appears orangey on here, which is a disappointment. What sort of camera did you use? if I may ask.
    Here at the cottage we are starting to put the garden to bed. Yesterday we did some digging and filled up the brown bin to nearly the top. A sure sign of Autumn’s approach.

    • Today is a damp day…and the colors in the trees seem more pronounced for some reason…I have a Sony camera and I also use PicMonkey (it’s free) to crop and add special effects some times…(I always use it for my Etsy shop pictures)…you can also put words on it…
      Sounds like you are getting ready for Autumn as well.

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