Country Roads

country roads 001a   My daughter has a specific song for everyone special on her cellphone to let her know specifically who is calling.  She said picking a song for me was easy due to how I used to play all of John Denver’s songs while she was growing up…so mine is “Country Roads”.

This time of year with leaves changing color, the local country roads are a pleasure to drive through. If I go about 20 minutes west of here, I will also be in the middle of Amish country…with the Amish farms and buggies to enjoy.

Local roads with fields of corn stalks dried and bleached from the sun with some ears still attached, patches of pumpkins(this is when the pre-schools and the kindergartens book their visits there so that the children can visualize a pumpkin patch just like where Linus and Lucy waited for the “Great Pumpkin”.  There are farm stands with their colorful displays of pumpkins, mums,  corn stalks, Indian corn, apples, and various jams and apple butter.  Hayrides are offered on Fridays and Saturdays.  Orchards have their “pick your own” apples…and also take you out to the orchard on a hay wagon.

Corn mazes are popular too.  There also seem to be quite a few craft shows and yard sales…kind of the last hurrah before it gets too cold.

This Saturday is Borough Day for the town closest to us.  When my daughter was in school, it was mandatory to go.  The schools’ various clubs had their bake sales and presented shows/entertainment.  Other organizations and other churches also had various sales, food and Chinese auctions.  Crafters with their wares, the library has a book sale in the basement.   Streets are closed for traffic, a small train for the children to ride and a real train for everyone to enjoy.  Clowns, Mimes, benches are set up and you can sit and listen to the various entertainers all day.  A day when you see people you haven’t seen in a while.

It’s a funny thing, but everyone is well behaved…you don’t see any rowdiness…just local people out to enjoy the day.  People seem to come out of the woodwork!

If my daughter were home, she’d drag me there just to see if any of her old classmates and teachers were there.  Parking was horrendous and sometimes we parked blocks away.  I was down earlier today to do my errands and it was a madhouse already.  The sane part of me is planning not to go there…the insane part of me wants to be part of the energy of the community.  We will see tomorrow which part wins!

til next time…Eva


One thought on “Country Roads

  1. Go! You’ll love it, . . . and what if they suddenly decided that they weren’t going to do it ever again, for whatever reason? You’d kick yourself for not going to the last ever event!

    Go and have a great time. Take pictures, and then come and tell us all about it, and what you bought!
    Have a great time!
    Sending love ~ Cobs x

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