The “Experts”

It seems that everywhere you turn, there is an “expert” telling you what to do, be, eat, have.  You read the paper and a headline may read, “Experts say…” but interestingly enough, you never find out who these experts are and their qualifications.

When I was in college, I took a statistics course(I was an Elementary Education major and statistics was considered a “Science” course elective…).  We were required to make up our own studies as well as learning about the validity of studies, so now when I read a headline that starts with “Studies show…”, I want to know the bottom line…exactly how many people and for how long.

If you have been a parent, you’ve learned to take your child’s comments of “But everyone is doing it” “But everyone has one” and “But everyone is going’ with a grain of salt.  I learned early in the game to do my research and contacted other mothers to find out that it was not the case(and also learned you had to choose your battles…especially in the teen years).

Getting back to the “experts’…I’m a person who continuously endeavors to better my way of life through my health, sanity and finances.  Over the years I have accumulated many books on those topics and online I have signed up for more newsletters than you can imagine as well as the webinars and the books…always looking for the next best thing…

Know what I found out?  I’ve found out that it doesn’t matter how many of the “experts” you surround yourself with…nothing will happen until you are ready for it.  It’s kind of like stepping stones.  I’ve done certain changes on my diet for years and the changes never took.  I still gravitated towards the sweet tooth of mine.  It wasen’t until I over ate the peach gummies I liked so much…scared myself with how my throat, mouth and teeth hurt as well as the feeling that my whole body was running on overdrive, that I got to think…hmmm, maybe I better cut down on the sugar.  I was changing everything else but still eating my sugar.  I eliminated sugar over the next few months and when that stepping stone happened for me, the other steps suddenly appeared and results started showing up for me.

I learned this summer that you have to become your own “expert”.  You need to start thinking for yourself and do some work in researching it…ask the questions and not just taking the “expert’s” word for it until you check it out.

Questions I always have are…does this “expert” walk the walk  I have no faith in someone who is out of shape giving “expert’ advice on diet and exercise.  Someone with financial advice who is broke.  Someone with love advice who isn’t in a relationship.

This past week I have been on a mission to eliminate myself from many of my email lists…I’ve kept a few who I sense are truly honest and have a sense of humor and are learning as well.  I have decided it is time to regain my power, think for myself and do the research.

til next time…Eva

4 thoughts on “The “Experts”

  1. I LOVE this post. It makes so much sense to me and you’ve inspired me to actually stand up for myself, take no more ‘you know what’ and to cut out that which serves no good purpose. If something is having a negative affect upon me then it’s going to ‘go’.

    Thank you Eva… I feel like you’ve looked into the windows and saw what someone needed to say to me. Love you bigly for this post! ~ Cobs. x

    • Hi Cobs, glad this resonated with you and good for you…time to stand up for yourself and become the best Cobs you can be…I am at the same point! take care.. xo

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