photo of Beast by Eva

Last night, my husband had a meeting and the pets and I spent a quiet and relaxing evening…I had donned my jammies and robe, had made a cup of tea and sat down on my chair with my notebook.  Zowie was watching me and commenting every once in a while, Kitty was on the arm of the chair nestled against my arm(which meant I couldn’t move my arm very freely) and Beast was on my lap…shifting every now and then glaring at me if I reached for my tea or needed to move my legs.

When we heard the garage door opening, meaning my husband coming home(around 9), Beast and Kitty jumped down to go to the door.  Hubby went to bed shortly after and I continued on with my evening doing my various things on the computer.

At my usual bedtime, I cover Zowie’s cage for the night(well, actually, she demands to get a snack, usually Cheerios, around 9ish and around 10 she wants to be covered for the night.  Heaven help you if you cover her too early…she climbs down to the bottom of her cage where there is an opening with no covering and peers out at you, squawking until you lift the cover up).  I have a polarfleece blanket on the sofa that the cats like.  Kitty and Beast are normally already there while I am on the computer.  Kitty was there.  No Beast.

I always need to have everyone accounted for at bedtime(remember that sign …”it’s 9 pm, do you know where your children are?”).  I went to her favorite hiding spots…the box in the kitchen.  No.  The towel closet in the bathroom.  No.  Behind the shower curtain.  No.  Downstairs I trekked cause Hubby always goes downstairs to his music room and his bathroom downstairs and she often dashes down the steps.  Searched the whole area.  No.  Went out on the back deck thinking she might have gone outside somehow…but I thought I had closed the glass door before sitting down.  No Beast.  Where on earth was she.

At this point I am bordering a combination of annoyance and panic…annoyed because she does have some really good hiding places and sometimes just won’t acknowledge my presence.  Panic because at one point she had gotten stuck in a closet and would have died there if I haden’t found her.

One last thought…every once in a while, when she is in a wild frame of mind(and she’s been that way thanks to the leaves falling and blowing around plus all of the birds migrating as well as the squirrels and chippies scurrying around), she dashes out any door.  Hubby isn’t as observant or quick as I am with her…especially at night.  I flicked on the porch light.  Yes!  There the little stinker was…standing in the pool of light totally complaining.  Walked in so happily, wanted to be loved and hugged…Meow, Meow, Meow! (I was grateful this time that she didn’t have a little visitor with her…last time she brought in a mole who scurried under my desk)… Ate, drank and then settled next to Kitty.

All is well once again…everyone in the house is accounted for.

til next time…Eva

4 thoughts on “Beast

  1. Just like you I can’t settle down for the evening until everyone is accounted for. But .. I’m not as generous a mommy as you. Now that it’s darker earlier, my babies have to be in and the doors closed at around 6pm.

    Sometimes one of them might stay out and if they’re not home by 8pm I panic and end up annoying the neighbourhood by standing outside making the little squeaky noises that I make to call them to me and rattling their (glass) treats jar, in the hope of making myself irrestible to them. LOL

    Lovely post, Eva. ~ Cobs. x

    • Oh I hear you on that one Cobs! My two are inside cats…Kitty never ventures out but Beast is the brave one…and not street smart at all. I literally panic when she gets out… I have done the kitty treat rattling as well with my other cats in years gone by…and getting up every hour on the hour to turn on the porch lights to see if they came home…definitely got some gray hairs from them! Glad you liked the post…Eva x

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