Getting Spoiled

007   I heard someone today comment, “Yes, she’s spoiling him…that’s not good.”   And I’m sure you’ve heard the comment, “She/He’s a spoiled brat.”

My thoughts immediately gravitated towards children and adults I have known who got everything they wanted to excess…but like everything else, something in their lives was lacking…time, energy, money, etc.  So, what’s wrong with being “spoiled”?  Most of us don’t even come close in spoiling others or being spoiled ourselves.  We’ve become so brainwashed that “spoiling” is a bad thing.  I’ve come to realize that “Excess” spoiling is a bad thing just like “Excess” eating, “Excess” shopping, “Excess” you fill in the blank.

To me, spoiling someone doesn’t have to mean anything expensive.  It could mean a special meal or dessert you took the time to make, caring for your pet daily by taking the time to brush them and making them feel good, cleaning up after yourself so someone else doesn’t have to, compliments, unexpected small gift for “just because”, taking the time to actually spend quality time with your loved ones whether human or pet and not checking on your cell phone or computer every two minutes or watching tv, pampering…now all of these examples work for spoiling yourself as well.

When did you last spoil yourself?  I thought so, it’s long overdue.  If you’re like me, the answer came through as, “it’s been a while”.  What have you been denying yourself lately because of time or money or both?  Mine has been a well needed haircut and while writing this, I phoned and  made an appointment for this afternoon…

Why not make yourself a list or two…make a list of different ways to spoil yourself and make sure you start doing it and make a list of ways you can spoil your loved ones.  Don’t wait until they aren’t around anymore.

I remember in High School I belonged to Art Club and we were invited to go to the local Childrens’ Home and paint cartoon characters all around their cafeteria walls.  We were expressly warned “Don’t talk to the children because they will want to come home with you.  Ignore them.”   I think of that statement now and realize that what we SHOULD have been doing was going their regularly and spending time spoiling the children in some way…not just painting walls but interacting with them.

When I had the time to go to the Quilting day at my church, we would make quilt tops during the month and once a month would get together to tie the quilts out of them.  I always worked on mine during the month to make them as pleasing as possible because they would be going to homeless shelters and relief centers.  We also put together kits that had basic toiletries(soap, washcloth, toothbrush, comb, toothpaste, etc.)  I remember some of the quilt tops were absolutely ugly and I’d get saddened just looking at them and the person would comment, “Beggers can’t be choosers, they’ll be happy for whatever they get”.  The church ladies also collected soap pieces during the year and would melt them down to make bars of soap to put into the kits with the same philosophy that ‘they will be happy for what they get’.  No! No! No!  I often would say that if that quilt and kit are ALL that a person has for their belongings, please make it special and heartwarming to give that person some joy and hope whenever they are covered in it.  Put a lovely smelling piece of soap in the kit, a soft washcloth and towel, lotion that actually smells good and is doing its job, a lovely warm quilt that warms their soul as well as their bodies…spoil them a little…who knows when last that happened to that person…if even ever.

A final comment…all the time my daughter was growing up, we made a point to do the shoebox project( )  at Christmas.  Basically you take a shoebox, wrap it in fun paper and fill it up with small things for a child for Christmas.  My daughter and I usually did two and had great fun looking for the items… school supplies, nice socks, some candy, a small toy, etc.  We’d then take it to where they were being picked up.  She always said that was one of the best parts about Christmas…thinking about a happy child opening up the box she had done.  It’s coming up again and I’ll be doing mine and she will be doing hers.   There are many different organizations who do this  and something similar…in my area there are various foodbanks who collect toys for the children as well as gift items for birthdays(and cake boxes too with cakemix, icing, candles).

til next time…Eva


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