The Tree Top Angel


Photo by Eva…a little putz house made from a Christmas card with vintage Santa and a pinecone.

My friend called me over to see her newly decorated Christmas tree(I don’t know if you are familiar with the British sitcom “Keeping Up With Appearances” but there is an episode where Hyacinth Bucket is having a dinner party and has set the table.  She called over her neighbor Elizabeth to get  her opinion.  Elizabeth knows that her opinion is expected to be a good one…my friend is a Hyacinth and I am an Elizabeth)…

I walked into the living room…not a huge room by any means…ceilings are 8 feet tall.  The tree was ginormous!  7 feet tall and almost as wide filled with glittery pink, purple and silvery ornaments.  String upon string of white lights.  I put my hand to my mouth and said, “oh!” and knowing she expected it, “it’s gorgeous!  You have outdone yourself!”

She squeals delightedly and turns to her husband sitting in the chair reading his paper, “See!  She said it’s gorgeous!.  I told you she’d love it!”  I looked over at him as he rolled his eyes to the ceiling.

She started talking about the various ornaments as I looked up to the ceiling and noticed the angel tree topper.  I had never seen such an angel topper before.  It was at least 2 feet tall, wings were impressive, the head and the hands were quite large in proportion to the body and the face was very masculine.

With the tree being so tall, the angel tree topper had no space to spare.  The angel head and shoulders leaned forward and instead of the hands being in prayer mode, they were outstretched menacingly like a zombie out to get you!   It was an angel of future nightmares!

I got home and dissolved into giggles and just finished when  I got to think of the inflatable ornaments people have right now that look great when they are inflated but when you go by later, they look like the snowman who has melted and his hat, arms, nose, and eyes are all on the ground in a pile.

And lastly, there is a house in the mountains that my daughter and I used to pass on the way home from college.  During the Christmas season there are hundreds of Santa blow molds glowing in the dark woods…it is nothing short of spooky to see all those Santas in the dark woods!

I got my much needed giggles for today…hope you get yours as well 🙂

til next time…Eva

One thought on “The Tree Top Angel

  1. Yes it’s amazing how the events of Christmas can get to you, isn’t it. I think it brings out the best and the worst of us, don’t you! I’m glad you had your giggle. Christmas should be fun, after all.

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