Travel Brochures

001my travel brochures…photo by Eva 2015

This is the time of year for daydreaming…the delicious travel and seed catalogs have start arriving!  Getting a cup of tea and sitting down with one of the catalogs ensures a lovely half hour  of daydreaming…of bending down corners of especially inviting places to visit or new plants for the garden.  The “wouldn’t it be nice to go there” or “wouldn’t that look nice in that corner” thoughts pop into our heads.

The photography is top notch and the descriptions entice you…for that brief period of time you envision packing for this adventure and experiencing all of the activities in the trip listing.  Seeing sights of places never seen, eating exotic food, shopping for treasures you can’t find at home…just being part of a different culture for a little while.

Your tea is finished and your daydreaming time for today is done.  For most of us, a sigh emerges from the depths of our soul and the words, “maybe someday” come from our lips…as we continue on with our day.  Maybe someday…

til next time…Eva


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