Becoming Desensitized

I had been having a conversation with my 24 year old daughter the other day and she commented, “Oh drats…I have to do my laundry tonight.  What a pain.”  Now, she has a washer and dryer in her apartment…you open the washer, dump in the clothes and laundry detergent, turn it on.  When done, open dryer, throw wet clothes in, turn it on.  When done, take clothes out of dryer, fold and put away.

I’m sorry, that doesn’t sound that strenuous to me.  I remember when everyone hung their clothes out on the clothesline…you’d take your basket of wet clothes and clothespins and hang them .  There is a sense of accomplishment when you see your work flapping in the breeze.  And the smell of fresh air stayed in the clothes for days.

Dishwashing is another one…there is something about having your hands in warm soapy water, chatting with the one who is drying the dishes.  You don’t get that feeling from stacking a dishwasher and emptying it.  (btw, I have seen so many people have a full dishwasher with either clean or dirty dishes, the sink is full and there isn’t a clean utensil, dish or glass in the cupboard!).  The response, “Oh, I was busy, I didn’t get to it.”

Food is becoming difficult as well…the microwave has made many people dependent on it and the speed it provides…so that slower cooking “takes too long”.  I know I have days when I don’t feel like cooking and the food is just something to fill myself up with,  and I have come to realize that those are the days I haven’t put much thought into the meal.  The food just doesn’t have the comfort level that it should have.

In thinking about all of this…what have we gained and lost with our conveniences?  I guess I would say it’s a detachment from the job…the tactical sensations are gone…we’ve desensitized it all..

.Doing wash by hand and hanging it out…

Doing dishes by hand and drying them..

.Cooking nourishing and satisfying food for our bodies and souls..

.Even our money is being detached from us by our using the debit/check card instead of actual cash..

.Using the computer’s emails instead of the “snail mail”…there is definitely something about getting a “real” letter or card in the mail and seeing the person’s handwriting on the envelope…

.Handwriting…did you know they don’t teach it in the schools anymore?  There is definitely a “soul to paper” relationship that is being lost.  There is beauty in the handwritten word…

Ebooks instead of printed books…we can’t touch the pages, fold the pages, smell the pages.

What happens when we get more and more desensitized?  When we’re plugged in all the time to our phones and don’t notice those we profess to love and care about?  Always taking pictures of ourselves?  Blocking others out with our earphones?  What happens then?

I will continue to still do wash by hand and hang it outside(some of the time…), Cook slowly and put thought into the meals(most of the time), Send hand written letters and cards out(some of the time), Read real books(most of the time),Wash dishes by hand(most of the time), Use cash(most of the time.  I plan to have heart to heart conversations as often as possible because when it all boils down to it, a desensitized life to me is a half life.

Til next time….Eva


2 thoughts on “Becoming Desensitized

  1. I’m up there with you on that soap box!

    I’ve had the same conversation with my daughter about her use of the tumble drier. NOTHING she washes is hung on the line, but she just won’t listen to me when I tell her that the drier damages the fibres in the clothes and ruins them in all sorts of ways.

    Me … I did buy a drier about five years ago. I used it once and hated it. It felt, like you said, soul-less. To this day, I hang all my washing on the washing line in the garden, and, on wet days, I have a good old fashioned clothes horse. (I do however use a washing machine – I’m not strong enough in upper body, to wash and wring out clothes – so I have to ‘cheat’ in that department)

    I worry about where humanity is heading. Are we all going to become anti-social beings, living in a world where we no longer talk face to face, but instead talk to a screen, not knowing if we’re talking to a real person or a computer generated image? Friendless, lonely, and in fear of going outside the home because that’s where all the bad guys are and it’s they who are ruling our countries by being armed to the eyebrows with weapons so fearsome that we cannot even imagine what they are or what they might do to us if the person carrying the weapon simply decides that he’s/she’s bored and hasn’t taken a pot shot at anyone that day?

    OK… I’ve made myself shudder now! eeek!

    GREAT post Eva. Love it. ~ Cobs. x

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