Snow and the Inner Child

023Photo by Eva..2015

We had a snowstorm this week of 6-8 inches. My husband went outside several time to shovel, would come in to comment that it was “blue” snow, that it was like a February snow not a January one and that it was wet snowball snow.

I didn’t think about that again until I went for walk today.  It had gone up to 40 and the roads were clear.  I heard laughter and saw three children on plastic round sleds racing down a hill.  When they got to the bottom, they brushed themselves off and ran up the hill to do it all over again.  I got weary just looking at them.  A little further down, I saw a jaunty looking snowman with hat and scarf, stone eyes, carrot nose, stone smile and branches for arms.

At that point, my inner childe piped up, quite sadly I might add, “we never do that anymore.”  When did I stop looking at snow as fun…the times when it was sheer joy to be out in it…that special magical feel of it all?  Packing a snowball and making a snowman.  Making snowangels.

When did it become all work and no play?  I must say, if I honestly don’t have to be anywhere, there is nothing more lovely than watching the silent snow.  Unfortunately, my husband is like a caged animal when it snows(I guess that’s from growing up in the city).  He’ll stand at the window and when it gets to be more than he can stand, he’ll go out to shovel or sweep.  Reminds me somewhat of how a dog is about his territory and has to mark it.  He has this fear of not being able to get his car out if he has to.

The adult responsibilities of having to get to work, to the grocery store, etc. and then the numerous past occasions of driving home and getting stuck…have made me somewhat fearful of snow and ice storms.  I guess if I lived in town and my sidewalks were taken care of and there were shops within walking distance, then maybe I’d look at snow differently.

My inner child is asking to come out and play more these days and I have to stop saying no.  I have to say yes more so that I can see that little blond girl laugh, clap her hands excitedly and jump up and down.  It’s long overdue and the next snowstorm, she and I will go out and put our faces up to the snow and eat snowflakes, make a snow angel, throw a snowball and make a snow girl.  And when we come inside, we’ll have a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy being together again.

What does your inner child want to do?

til next time…Eva


2 thoughts on “Snow and the Inner Child

  1. What a beautiful post from a beautiful woman – who has her inner child wrapped up warm and snug inside her.

    Like you, I miss the days of not having responsibilities. When life was just there for living and our parents did all the stuff which made our lives so brilliant.

    Maybe you and I should start a trend of having one short time, once a week, when we allowed ourselves to have no responsibilities – just for a few moments. Even fifteen minutes would work. Can you imagine how wonderful we’d feel after a short time of ‘taking a holiday from our responsibilites? WOW. Just the thought blows my mind.

    We should do it Eva. We should start a trend…. a MOVEMENT! Fifteen minutes, once a week, having a holiday from our responsiblities.

    Sending love and a big, non-responsible, cuddly, snuggly, hug ~ Cobs. xx :o)

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