Icy Monday

003aPhoto by Eva, 2015(Happy Flower)(www.etsy.com/shop/abridaltouch)

It was Monday…and as for the last four weeks, snow and ice started Sunday night causing schools to be closed and roads to be treacherous.  And when you live outside of town, it takes longer before the roads are taken care of.  It was accepted that I would not be getting out of the house today.

I contacted my client that I wouldn’t be there this morning and postponed it til later in the week.  Decided to work on items for my Etsy shop and the above flower…I call it a Happy Flower, was  the result.  You can see that I am ready for Spring!

Later in the day, I finally sat down in my chair with a well earned cup of tea and promptly had Beast on my lap.  (I had the blue polar fleece blanket over my lap and that is her favorite…).  I had just closed my eyes a bit when I hear the banging of Zowie’s cage door.(Zowie’s cage is right next to my chair).   I opened one eye and looked at her cage…she was down at the little door on the side of her cage lifting the door and letting it drop, again and again.  That means, “hey, I’m here and I want to be petted too!”

I leaned over, stuck my hand in the door and she nestled into my hand.  This doesn’t last long before she gets irritated and starts pecking at my hand.  I remove my hand from the cage and settle back in my chair to close my eyes again.  Bang!  Bang!  Bang! …she is at it again.  When I don’t open my eyes, she then goes over to her bell and starts ringing her bell.  That doesn’t work either…then she is back at the door again banging…and squawking as well…

At this point, Beast is awake and looking at Zowie’s antics while I take pity on her and stick my hand in again so she can be loved.

And I’m grateful for an icy afternoon which enables me to be in a warm safe spot surrounded by loving pets and a hot cup of tea…

til next time…Eva


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