The Path

winter 2015 005aPhoto by Eva, February 2015

We’ve lived next to our neighbors for almost 24 years now.  It’s interesting thinking back over those years when our children were growing up.  We basically were what I’d call civil…we’d say hello, honor each other’s property lines and pretty much minded our own business.  Our children were not the same sex or ages, we had different backgrounds and interests, and we were busy with our families and other responsibilities.  We had minor irritations along the way but nothing too serious.

We basically left each other along during those times.

As the years progressed, our children grown and gone from the neighborhood, many responsibilities gone, we came to the realization that we had some common interests after all.

I helped her with opening a vintage shop on Etsy, we take walks almost every evening after dinner for our health, we go to yard sales and thrift stores whenever our schedules permit, and eventually just being good neighbors as well as friends.  It is so nice knowing that if either of us needed help, we’d get it.

I realized just how far along the way we’ve come during the last snowstorm…when her husband snow blowed a path from their house to ours.  And you know…that feels kind of nice.

til next time…Eva


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