Great Expectations

007Photo by Eva, Rose 2014

Great expectations ALWAYS get me in trouble.  At my age, I should and do know better for the most part…but every now and then, it’s like a Charlie Brown moment…when you want to give it one more chance because just maybe…just maybe this time it will be a different scenario and ending…

My husband is a prime example…I have long since given up on expectations from him on Christmas and Birthdays…add Valentines to that too because he hates the adverts and the hype leading up to it…the “expectations”.  In our early years of marriage, I would get disappointed each holiday and my birthday would be abysmal….it wasn’t until I finally didn’t care anymore about his gift giving that I was able to once again enjoy Christmas and my birthday.  Last Christmas we gave a $10 limit to gift giving and I personally went to the dollar store and got all kinds of silly gifts…bag of rubber bands, a back scratcher, and other odd items.  We laughed more on that Christmas morning than we ever have.

As I said, I’ve been pretty good at not expecting anything spectacular from him.  But you see, this year’s anniversary was a big one.  Many I know when(if) they reach this anniversary, they may have a party, go on a special trip, get special jewelry(like a multi diamond eternity ring) and so on.  My one client said I would probably get roses.  I told him I had never gotten flowers from my husband before and didn’t expect them now…but if I did get roses, I would personally call him!  (I didn’t have to call him).

Some guys are just not good gift givers.  (some women aren’t either)…and I can understand that…it’s an art.  My husband is a practical kind of guy.  He likes getting practical gifts(I got him a bottle of gin…he drinks a gin and tonic every night before dinner).

Come Anniversary morning, our gifts were on the kitchen table.  Mine was in a recycled wine bottle gift bag with tissue paper stuffed on top.  Lightweight.  Had no clue.  Charlie Brown moment here.  He’s opening his gin.  Something soft in my package.  Socks.  A package of 4 pair of socks in different colors.  “I saw that you needed socks for work.”  Socks.  A major anniversary and the song came into my head…a good use for the socks..the song by Nancy Sinatra…”these boots are made for walking…and that’s what they are going to do…one of these days these boots are going to walk all over you!”

It’s a laughable story today(not yesterday though)…and one I will always remember…and I learned once again, leave the great expectations alone…

til next time…Eva


3 thoughts on “Great Expectations

  1. Feelin’ it. R’s idea of a great gift was usually giving everyone in the family (and me) something like a miniature flashlight or a bottle of generic vitamins. Meant well, just missing the boat…

  2. I think we get to an age where we realise that the ‘value’ of our relationship is the thing which no amount of money, nor any gift of any value, could possible match up to.

    Mr. Cobs and I have been married for 34 years and we really don’t give a fig about presents anymore. We’re enormously thankful that we have each other – and that’s enough of a gift to last us for . . . oh, eternally!, and not even a diamond encrusted eternity ring could top that gift of ‘together’.

    Happy Anniversary Eva. Celebrate your togetherness.
    Sending love ~ Cobs. x

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