Identity Challenged for Kitty and me

   I was talking to my 95 year old friend Angie today and telling her about our no longer having Beastie…and how Kitty was reacting to it all.  After a while, she responded with, “and how many are in your Menagerie now?”  When I told her “two” her response was, “in all the time I’ve known you, you have never just had two…how do you feel about that?”

I had just been thinking the same thing…I feel that my identity has shifted in a major way…I have always had a menagerie of sorts…at the high point, I had 9 sweet pets I was taking care of daily.   Never a chore.  Many sweet personalities and I learned from each and every one of them and loved them all.

At this point in time, I realize that I need to cherish the two I have as well as work on the areas of my life that need to be worked on…my Etsy shops, my writing and other areas that I have been thinking about for quite some time and not done.

Kitty has been giving me some concern since Beastie is gone…she gives me a look sometimes as if to say, “what have you done with her…”  I realized today that in the last year, Kitty has seen me wrapping both Benji and Beastie in blankets  and taking them away in the car…and they never came back…  She spends hours looking out of the front window…I wish she would tell me her thoughts so I could give her some answers.

But for now, I make sure Kitty gets her favorite foods, gets her ears scratched often and treating her gently.  Beastie was my lapcat…I could sit down and 10 seconds later Beastie would be on my lap and settle there for the long term.  Kitty is not a lapcat and never has been…but, never say never…  I do miss my lapcat though…

Getting used to the idea that I no longer have a “Menagerie”…

til next time…Eva

Photo by Eva of Kitty…2015


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