Milestones can be tricky things

003aphoto by Eva 2014

After having had a “milestone” anniversary, I got to thinking about milestones in general.

In our parents’ and grandparents’ generations, milestones were major events.  It was deemed to be quite an honor to have been in one company for 25 years and you would receive the proverbial watch and accolade from your peers.  I have a silver vase on my table that is engraved with my grandfather’s name and the fact that he worked for his company for 25 years.

The wedding anniversaries were celebrated with great fanfare as well.  I remember my sister in law’s parents’ 50th wedding anniversary in the 1960s…it was the affair of all affairs…

Oh, I know, it still happens once in a while…but for the most part, I see the trend of longevity not being as esteemed as it once was…  People are not staying in the same company(for the most part) for long periods of time if they aren’t becoming advanced.   Not usually good on a resume to have been just at one company for a large number of years.

Marriages/relationships/friendships  go through so many changes throughout the years that many don’t exist after a certain number of years.  I have been reading that we basically change every 7 years(thus the 7 year itch, I guess)…and in many cases, a lot of relationships falter then.  Is longevity in a marriage/relationship a good thing for everyone?  I don’t know anymore.  I’ve seen couples stay together who in the end have absolutely nothing in common anymore and in many cases, don’t really like each other anymore.  Others who go through the tough patches and come through stronger than ever…different but stronger.

Where exactly am I going with this?  Well, I think so many of us just glide on by in many facets of our lives.  We stay in the same job/company because of circumstance…  maybe location, family, age, fear of change.  We stay in marriages, relationships, friendships,  sometimes for much the same reason…  fear of starting over, age, family members.  I know my friendships have been gradually changing over the last few years.   When I entered the Transformation Contest three years ago, I came in contact with people who actually thought and felt the same way I did…having that deep need to continuously learn and improve our lives in some way…spiritually and physically.  Always learning new things and new ways of looking at life. Definitely made the difference.

til next time…Eva


4 thoughts on “Milestones can be tricky things

  1. Agreed — and that includes your birthday (annual solar return / personal new year) as well. Do you fixate on chronological age, consider biological age, or celebrate X # of spins around the sun with ageless / timeless soul while in physical form…? What is longevity in the Eternal Now?

  2. Thanks Jennifer…I wasen’t thinking of birthdays but they count in here as well. When you think of us all being spiritual beings, the whole concept of time is eternal so the earthly “milestones” have no meaning. xo

  3. I think relationship longevity is prized all the more in this short-attention-spanned society.
    A milestone is a milestone. You decide if it’s celebration worthy. If it is, get your party on & give yourself a major pat on the back. If it’s not, ask yourself the tough questions: Why am I still here? What do I want? How do I get from here to there? And then change it so you can create a new & truly celebration worthy milestone. ❤

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