Using Up Your Words…

I was talking to my client yesterday when I was at her house and she was talking about her children.  She has 4…her daughter is the oldest and three sons.  The 3 oldest were born quite closely together(1 1/2 years apart) and the youngest was 6 years later.

She remarked that is she’d had the youngest one first, he would have been an only child!  He gave her more gray hairs than the other three together…and that’s saying something…

He apparently would hide all the time.  If they would go to a store, she would have to hold on to his hand all the time so he wouldn’t dash off.  Invariably, it would happen every time and he would find a place to hide…under the racks, on a shelf with clothing, in the dressing room(one time it was closing time and she finally found him hiding in the dressing room…)

He learned to climb out of his crib at an early age(“I swear, he was a monkey”).  She said that her husband had even added an extra piece onto the crib…but he’d get out anyway.  One night she woke up hearing the water running.  She found him in the bathroom standing in front of the sink playing with his toys in the water.

He tended to talk and ask questions constantly.  His sister and brothers would get so annoyed because he would talk when they were doing homework, playing a game, reading, watching tv, etc.

One day, they told him, “We are born with only a certain number of words.  If you talk too much, you’ll eventually use up all of your words.  And you are pretty close to having no words left.”  When he asked what would happen, they told him that when you use up all of your words, no one can hear you anymore.

A day or so later, they told him, “Oh, now you’ve done it…you’ve used up all of your words!”  They then pretended not to hear him.

He started screaming and ran home…slamming the front door and screaming for his mother.  When she came running to where he was, “What’s wrong?  Why are you screaming?  Are you hurt?”  The tears stopped and he looked at her with wonder…”You mean you can hear me?”  “Of course I can hear you.”  “You mean I didn’t use up all my words?”

He told her the story and she was waiting that afternoon for the other three to come home. (She said that she had to go to the bathroom for a while to finish laughing before she could reprimand the other three with a straight face.”

til next time…Eva


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