Cat Afternoon…

My friend Sylvia has 7 cats…she used to have 9.  Whenever she goes away for any length of time, I go over daily and take care of her cats for her…food, litter boxes and basic scratching ears and loving…

She went away for a week to visit her daughter and had been concerned about two of her cats…Misty who is 18 and Penny who is 16.  I told her I had not had issues with the cats before and didn’t plan to have it now…

Every day I go over and usually stay for a half hour or so.  Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, so after I had done all of the “chores”, I opened up her sliding glass door to her porch(she has a locked screen door) so that the cats could get some fresh Spring air.  I sat in the chair and waited for some customers 🙂 .  Within seconds Penny jumped up on my lap.

Now, I recently received my Reiki 2 attunement and had been giving Penny reiki this whole week.  She lay on my lap and let me rest my hands on her doing Reiki.  When she had had enough, she went to the arm rest to sleep.  Next came Misty…after a while, she left and went to her favorite chair in the corner.  One by one they came on my lap.

I fell asleep at some point and a half hour later I woke up to see Penny on the one arm rest, Sassy on the other, Simba on the back of the chair by my neck, Jackie was on my lap, Misty was in her chair, and the other two cats were close by.  Happy and purring away.  Definitely feeling much loved, all of us!  This unexpected gift made me realize how much everyone appreciates when you just spend time with them and loving them…whether it be your family members, your pets, and friends.

til next time…Eva

photos by Eva  2015



One thought on “Cat Afternoon…

  1. I always felt you were someone special …. after reading this I now know it.
    Animals know far more about life, nature, and … ohhh, everything, far more than we do, and those cats knew something about you that day which none of us would ever give them credit for. They needed you, and although you might not know it, you needed something which they gave you that day. They surrounded you in their love and unique protection, and you gave them something unique to you.

    Bless you, and them.
    Sending love ~ Cobs. x

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