Cranky Zowie

photo by Eva 2015

photo by Eva 2015

I don’t know exactly what’s going on but Zowie has been very cranky this week.  It started with her scrambling down to the bottom of her cage and clucking, spreading her wings and chewing up the paper.  If you would come over to her cage and look to see what was going on, she would dash over to where you were and hiss at you.

My husband always wears a baseball cap but this week Zowie has taken exception to his wearing a hat inside the house.  Every time he comes into the room she gives a high shrill alarm signal and won’t stop until he takes his hat off(maybe I should start doing that at mealtimes?).

My chair is next to her cage and every time I finally get a chance after dinner to sit in my chair and enjoy a cup of coffee, Zowie scrambles down to her lower perch and begins to lift open the small side door and slam it down.  over and over and over.  This is her signal that she wants me to put my hand inside her cage and hold her/pet her for a little while.  I do that and then she takes exception to the whole thing and starts to peck at my hand.  She then starts pulling at her toys with the bells to make as much noise as possible.

And last night I had the best laugh of a long time.  I was sitting in my chair and Kitty decided to jump up and sit on my lap(yes, Kitty has now become a lap cat…something I never believed would happen…).  Kitty’s tail was swishing around and somehow the tip of it had gotten into Zowie’s cage and smacked her on her face…being in the testy mood she’s been in, all of the sudden she grabbed hold of Kitty’s tail and would not let go!  Poor Kitty didn’t know what was going on!  I on the other hand laughed until the tears came!

I don’t know where this crankiness is coming from…whether from the miserable weather we’ve been having, the fact that I’ve not been home much this week, or a full moon/retrograde or whatever…but I’d like my sweet little bird to come back….

til next time…Eva

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